Jill Biden’s Lament ‘Thought You Might Clap’ – Jeb Bush-Style Applause Request

First Lady Jill Biden suffered from arrogant politician syndrome late Thursday night, making a sentimental remark that left the audience in dead silence before uttering an almost pitiful “I thought you might clap for that.”

The remarks remind many of the cringe-worthy “please clap” soundbite that made Jeb Bush into a GOP-wide laughingstock in 2016.

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The wife of one of America’s most unpopular presidents made the remarks at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education. The buildup to the “please clap” moment was characterized by the stereotypical “there are no red states and blue states,” saying,

“I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions.”

Jill then stumbled a bit and seemed to begin a new sentence before interrupting herself and, in a woeful voice, guilt-tripped the audience into clapping.

Similarly, 2016 hopeful Jeb Bush made passionate remarks before his famous run-in with arrogant politician syndrome.

I think the next president has to be a lot quieter, but send a signal that we are prepared to act in the national security interests of this country, to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful word….. please clap.” ~Jeb Bush

The remarks were considered the nail in the coffin of Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Similarly, Jill Biden’s request for audience affirmation comes as she and her 80-year-old husband, Joe Biden, have experienced catastrophic approval ratings and demonstrated incompetence and mismanaged crisis after crisis.

With a disastrous 36 percent approval rating, Jill’s remarks have been said to be more cringe-worthy than Jeb’s.

“If you have to ASK for applause, that means no one is impressed by what was said! “Catch the clue bus!” ~@PamelaP30760930

Jill has a 2:1 audience guilt-tripping ratio to Jeb Bush. During the president’s 2019 campaign, Mrs. Biden made similarly false statements about the NRA, received a dead-silent response from the audience, and tried saving face by shouting, “That’s my applause line! Come on.”

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Reactions from conservatives have ranged from laughing at the “Jeb!” moment to calling her remarks blatantly false – especially considering the hyper-partisan regime that Biden has led since early 2021.

“She should have had a overhead to show us the list of common values that unites us. I would like to see that. We get punched in the face daily with what divides us. We know that stuff really well. Shows us the unite us list.”~@RickyJa56396441

One commenter recalled when Jill Biden made a controversial “breakfast taco” remark about Latino Americans.

“You mean just saying “Breakfast Tacos” to Hispanics doesn’t make the audience erupt into applause? Power grifter.”

Joe and Jill will likely be in the public eye more frequently as Biden ramps up his 2024 campaign – hopefully, the two can refrain from stumbling and asking voters for pity applause.

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