‘There’s More Where that Came From’: DeSantis Plans To Fly More Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Governor Ron DeSantis is requesting 12 million dollars to continue his program of transporting migrants away from Florida.

The Governor made waves last September with the bold decision to fly dozens of illegal migrants to the wealthy Martha’s Vineyard, home to individuals like Barack Obama. The decision served as a protest against President Biden’s immigration policies and their effects on Border states.

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He did this with money in the state’s last budget, which allocated 12 million to transporting undocumented migrants out of Florida. The migrants DeSantis moved in September originated in Texas but stopped in Florida before reaching their final destination. Why he chose to move migrants from Texas is currently unclear.

DeSantis has been under tremendous public scrutiny for the move, with many attempting to argue its legality. Now, DeSantis is looking to take that angle of attack away. In a recent press conference where DeSantis unveiled his new budget proposal, DeSantis asked for another 12 million. If accepted, this new budget would allow the funds to be spent transporting undocumented migrants unrestrictedly: “from any point of origin in the U.S. to any jurisdiction.”

The proposal requests funding and creates a new program within the Department of Transportation to handle the job.

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“The Legislature finds that the U.S. Government has failed to secure the nation’s border and has allowed a surge of unauthorized aliens to enter the United States in violation of the law. This crisis has brought detrimental effects including crime, drug trafficking, and smuggling, diminished economic opportunities and wages for American workers, and burdens on the education and healthcare system. The federal government has proven itself unwilling to address this crisis. To mitigate the effects of this crisis on the state of Florida, there is hereby created the Unauthorized Alien Transport Program within the Department of Transportation for the purpose of facilitating the transport of inspected unauthorized aliens, within the United States, consistent with federal law.

As used in this section, the term “inspected unauthorized alien” means a foreign national who has U.S. Government documentation indicating that the U.S. Government processed and released the foreign national into the United States without admitting the foreign national in accordance with the federal Immigration and Nationality Act”

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As the budget request implies, transporting migrants to areas other than Florida does not help Florida’s burden directly; if the strategy successfully changes national policy, Floridians will eventually see the benefits.

DeSantis elaborated on this idea himself when speaking to reporters.

“I think people are sick of having an open border with no rule of law in this country. We can just sit here and do nothing about it or we can actually stand up and say whatever tools we have at our disposal, we are going to use.”

The Sunshine State could certainly use the help. Last Month, DeSantis was forced to deploy the national guard and shut down parks during a large influx of Cuban and Haitian migrants, who were forced to escape their countries on self-made ‘boats.’ The budget proposal will be considered during the upcoming session of the Florida Legislature.

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