‘There’s a Target on Our Backs’-Black Conservative Kicked Out of Miami Restaurant for Political Views

Fox News Gianno Caldwell was asked to leave a restaurant in North Miami, Florida, because his conservative views “don’t align” with the owners’ opinions.

The restaurant, Paradis Books and Bread, posted on their public Instagram account that Gianno and his group’s “behavior and their words made other folks in the space as well as one of us working very uncomfortable.”

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So what exactly did Gianno’s group say? The caption argued that their discussion was “troubling” and cited that the group talked about  “using eugenic arguments around their thoughts on Roe v. Wade,” which is a long-standing pro-life talking point that points to the intentions of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

This was just too much for the restaurant owners, who described asking them to leave, and the courteous response of Caldwell’s group.

“…once it was clear that they were finished with their meal, we told them that our views don’t align, and that the language they were using was unwelcome in our space. one person in the group said “that is your business model, and I respect that”.

The Instagram caption cited the restaurants standing by their zero-tolerance policy. What the business has “zero-tolerance” for is left unanswered, but context leads one to presume they don’t tolerate open conservatives.

Caldwell, who happens to be a Fox News Analyst, blasted the restaurant on a recent airing of Fox and Friends, citing Martin Luther King Jr and calling the discrimination a “grave injustice.”


“This situation reminds me of something that MLK said in 1963, a very simple truth. He said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ And what I experienced yesterday, me and some of my neighbors, who I’m just getting to know, was an injustice. It was a grave injustice,”

Caldwell reported being asked by restaurant workers how he enjoyed “working over at Fox News,” along with questions about his political alignments, before he was asked to leave.


“They said, ‘Are you a conservative?’ I said, ‘Yes. In fact, I have a book called “Taken for Granted: How Conservatism Can Win Back the Americans That Liberalism Failed.” You should get the book.’”

Referring to history again, Caldwell compared the treatment to Jim Crow discrimination.

“This was so problematic to this lady that she told me that I needed to get out of her establishment. If this was not the Jim Crow South, I couldn’t tell how much of a difference,”

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Many observers on Twitter were similarly outraged by the event.

Caldwell said there was a target on conservative’s backs and called for the type of treatment that he experienced to come to an end.

“This lady stared me down the entire time that I was in a restaurant. There’s a target on the backs of people who happen to be Black, who happen to be conservative, and it needs to come to an end,”

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