‘The View’ Host Flamed On Twitter For Unnecessary Anti-Trump Tweet

Ana Navarro, a long-time co-host of The View was destroyed and mocked on Twitter after she posted a tweet making a dig at former President Trump.

This all started when Navarro posted a tweet that showed a picture of her holding her dog and drinking a glass of wine. She then posted the caption with the photo saying, ‘We toasting that Trump is not and will never again be President. Thank you, [Joe Biden].’

The reactions to the nasty tweet were quick and fierce, with many questioning her intelligence when she posted the tweet.

Many people in the replies noticed the time stamp of the tweet, which noted that the tweet was posted at 7:18 am, and with many noticing the wine glass, people started to question her state of mind when she was writing and posting the tweet.

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Others were giving her advice on how to handle alcohol.

Several individuals in the comment section shifted their attention to her dog, frequently noting the dog’s apparent demeanor.

A significant number of comments alluded to her alleged alcohol issue, with many remarking on her early morning drinking habits. Twitter users also speculated about the psychological impact of working at ABC and CNN, suggesting it could be contributing to her current state.

One user, named Rich Newton, responded by contrasting the economic metrics during the Biden and Trump presidencies. He posted differences in inflation rates, mortgage rates, and gas prices under each administration.

Cheers! [Joe Biden] took us from 1.4% inflation to 6.5% in under two years! And gas went from $2.29 per gallon to $3.79, and mortgage rates went from 2.9% to 6.5% in the same period. We can’t go back to those horrible Trump years.

He then added a laughing emoji after the last sentence to indicate that these facts are so ironic to her that it’s frankly hilarious. In the tweet, he also showed a graph detailing and visualizing the facts that he brought up to her.

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With the mocking and statements made by others in regard to the photo, many people in the replies were very straightforward, This woman needed to get help for her habits.

It is unclear if Navarro has made any statement regarding the controversy she brewed by posting this tweet. It is also unclear if The View has made any comment about this tweet, and the concern replies about her habits.

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