‘The View’ Erupts Into Chaos, Behar Calls Gun Owners ‘Mentally Ill’

A recent episode of The View turned chaotic when a debate over red flag laws descended into a screaming match. The segment was in response to a shooting that occurred when a six-year-old brought a gun to school and shot his teacher, despite several advanced warnings that officials failed to act on.

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Behar opened the debate by attacking legal gun owners, suggesting that millions of law-abiding Americans and second amendment supporters were suffering from “mental illness” and needed to be “stopped immediately.”

“The beauty of this story is that the right wing of this country would have us believe that it has nothing to do with the guns and that the solution to these type of shootings is to arm the teachers… This country needs to grow up!”

Behar then recited a fake statistic, falsely claiming that the United States had experienced 40 mass shootings within the first 24 days of the year.

“We’re between Venezuela and Brazil with the most mass shootings!”

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The View’s handlers later forced Behar to retract her comment and correct the record. She clarified that the United States is between Venezuela and Brazil in total gun deaths, not mass shootings. Almost two-thirds of American gun deaths are from suicide.
“It’s a small thing,” she said.

Behar also asserted that America was not civilized because of its legal gun-owning population.

Co-host Sunny Hostin then piled on, claiming that red flag laws were “not enough” to handle the issue and pointing out that red flag laws exist in Virginia, where the recent shooting occurred.

“I support red flag laws,” self-described republican Alyssa Farah Griffin said.

“But they don’t work!” Hostin shouted back. “It didn’t work!”

Co-host Sara Haines desperately tried to interject,
“It doesn’t mean you give up! It doesn’t mean you give up!”

“But they knew!” Whoopi Goldberg barked.

Farah Griffin objected to pinning the entire issue on the second amendment, saying that mental illness plays a much more significant role in gun violence,

“Guns are a huge factor. You cannot commit the crime without the gun. But there is a mental health component and there is a crisis of young men in this country that we don’t know how to address and I don’t think we’re talking about it enough.”

Behar retorted,

“They have mentally ill people in the European Union, don’t they… This mental health idea is baloney. It’s baloney.”

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Haines ended the discussion with an uncharacteristically reasonable counterpoint,

“You also can’t separate the problem with pornography, and video games, and the disconnection between young people, and a lack of empathy, and racism, and you name it all. It is layered beyond belief and it’s not as simple as, ‘we got tons of guns, get rid of them.’”

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