The View: Drag Queens ‘Don’t Even Like Children!’

The co-hosts of ABC’s ‘The View’ scoffed at lawmakers restricting ‘gender-affirming’ care for children, as well as drag queen performance, with some claiming that this kind of care is life-saving, with one co-host claiming that drag queens ‘don’t even like children!’

The talk show panel claimed that GOP bills on LGBTQ issues and drag queens are an effort to promote ‘fear,’ as well as ‘paranoia and hysteria.’

In the heat of this discussion, co-host Ana Navarro boldly claimed that drag queens do not like children. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg went so far as to accuse conservatives of making LGBTQ kids feel that ‘they don’t deserve to live.’

The discussion became intense when Navarro started to defend drag queens and the transgender community by stating that Republicans are passing bills against them, claiming, ‘This is all for political gain and political purposes. Republicans do this all the time, have done it very effectively,’ in an attempt to push her anti-republican agenda.

She then tried to compare this with gay marriage, saying:

In 2024, the issue is transgender, because we’re past gay marriage. That ship has sailed. And it’s this idea of driving people to the polls through fear, through anger, through angst, through the stress, through the — you know, the paranoia and hysteria that drag queens are coming for your children,

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Navarro then went even further, suggesting that.

People, let me tell you this, drag queens don’t even like children. They don’t tip, and they don’t drink, you know!

The reaction of the co-hosts and the crowd was laughter, with many going as far as to applaud the statement.

Reactions from many were of disgust, with one person reacting by saying, ‘This show needs to go! I can’t stand it. Anyone agree with me?’ and another person responded, ‘They are horrible…so much negative energy blasting from them…it will damage your soul if you watch….’

This show needs to go! I can’t stand it. Anyone agree with me? – @USNAVYVETERAN61 on Twitter

They are horrible…so much negative energy blasting from them…it will damage your soul if you watch…. – @PennyFarringt14 on Twitter

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After making such a claim, Navarro said, ‘No child is driving themselves to a drag show,’ and advocated for parents who take kids to such shows to be punished, not the drag queens.

Co-host Sara Haines jumped in, claiming that drag queen story hour is okay because it is apparently of ‘children’s reading material, and [Drag Queens are] reading and entertaining them.’

After the conversation turned to gender-affirming care, Haines began her argument by saying that the percentage of youth that undergoes any gender surgery is small and that conservatives are making a bigger deal of it than they should.

Goldberg, who said earlier that she believed conservatives were pushing LGBTQ kids to think that they do not deserve to live, tried to be reasonable by saying:

[T]his is the part that I don’t understand — you are telling me that I don’t know my family. You’re telling me that I don’t know my kid. I’m telling you, you don’t know my kid! You don’t know what I’m going through! You don’t know what I need, and you’re not asking me!

It is unclear if The View plans to issue clarifications in the future.

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