‘The View’ Blames GOP AR-15 ‘Lapel Pins’ for ‘Causing Kids to Die’

In the wake of the active shooter incident at Michigan State University earlier this week, the hosts of ABC’s The View had some interesting opinions. Joy Behar seriously blamed Republicans wearing gun-shaped lapel pins for causing mass shootings. While the liberals were listing all the reasons more gun control was needed, the single “conservative” on the View was arbitrarily deciding who legitimately needed an AR-15.

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Whoopi Goldberg began by lashing out at conservatives, suggesting that since they were “banning” books and “banning” trans people, they should be okay with banning guns:

Well, you know. It’s kind of crazy because I think of all the banning of stuff that’s going on in this country. Banning of books. Books don’t kill people. Banning of trans people. I don’t know any trans people or of any trans people that have killed people. But they are okay with banning that. They feel comfortable banning that. And they can’t figure out how to ban these guns.

The View

Behar then accused Republicans of lining their pockets with blood money from “the gun lobby.” “These people take money from the gun lobby, and so they promote the guns. That’s what it’s about. It’s about circulating money,” she proclaimed.

Behar mentioned that Georgia Republican Congressman Andrew Clyde owns a gun store. She was angry that he had the audacity to hand his colleagues out AR-15-shaped lapel pins (which she called “automatic weapon lapel pins”).

According to Behar, the AR-15 Lapel pins were directly linked to mass shootings because they were “promoting more and more gun love, love of guns! Love of guns!” “Many of these people don’t seem to understand that their actions are causing kids to die!” she shouted.

As critics pointed out, missing from the discussion was that the shooter had a prior felony gun charge dismissed by a progressive prosecutor, which allowed him to remain on the street and commit the shooting. Also left out was that he used a handgun, not an AR-15.

The View’s lone conservative, Alyssa Farah Griffin, announced she believed “legal gun ownership is fundamental in this country.” But then suggested that showing one’s support for that fundamental right with the lapel pin meant those wearing them were not “sane” nor “serious.

When Griffin’s co-host Sunny Hostin pressed Farah Griffin on if people should be allowed to own a “weapon of mass destruction” like the AR-15, the conservative caved and suggested there was no legitimate reason to own one.

HOSTIN: What about AR-15s? What about assault rifles? What about that?

FARAH GRIFFIN: Depending on how you’re defining it. Because some people sort of use that as a broad sweeping —

HOSTIN: Let’s define it as the weapon of mass destruction that it is.

FARAH GRIFFIN: An AR-15, I don’t personally see any reason that someone would need to own.

Farah Griffin did note that she knew “a lot of sportsmen and collectors” who own ARs but was interrupted by Goldberg’s opinion of hunting and sports shooting:

GOLDBERG: There maybe sportsmen – there’s – you can’t shoot anything with an AR-15 and get any meat.

FARAH GRIFFIN: It’s not real sportsmanship.

GOLDBERG: No, it’s not sportsmanship. I’m just saying.

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The discussion on the Second Amendment ended with Goldberg saying:

GOLDBERG: But the bottom line is [long silence] if you’re going to ban books, if you’re going to insist on kids not being given the information about their history, get with it and figure out how to ban these – Because you know what, I’m also a gun owner. I’m a responsible gun owner. But what I don’t understand is when there are smart, responsible ideas – why do you think it’s okay for you just to have as many guns as you want just because you want them?! That’s not how America works!

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