The Orlando Sentinel’s Laughable Hit Piece on Gov. DeSantis

Legacy media like Florida’s Orlando Sentinel are so predictable with their constant attacks on Gov. DeSantis that they’re boring.

In their “Special Report,” available only to subscribers, the Sentinal accuses DeSantis of being, wait for it, successful!

From the headline, “How Ron DeSantis consolidated his power over Florida government l Special Report,” a reader may think they will read a step-by-step instructional manual from the country’s most popular and effective Governor, but it’s just another cheap smear job.

The usual cast of college professor beta’s like Aubrey Jewett weighed in:

“Governor DeSantis seems to have been able to consolidate power and use more power than previous governors,” said Aubrey Jewett, an associate professor of political science at the University of Central Florida. “There is a lack of checks and balances that we’ve seen in the past.”

Jewett has some nerve talking about checks and balances when progressives, the Biden Administration, big tech, academia, and woke corporations are squashing free speech and turning the entire country into a police state.

DeSantis and Florida Republicans are getting their way because Florida is a red state. Republicans have had the governorship since 1998, appointed a majority on the Florida Supreme Court, and have substantial majorities in the house and senate.

It's an honor to fight alongside Governor DeSantis as a legislator. Together we have fought for and achieved election security, a 15-week abortion ban, parental control over local schools, protection for girls' sports, and eliminated indoctrination in Florida classrooms. Having worked closely with the Governor and his office, I can tell you these are priorities for him as well as the legislature. More levels of government should work so closely and in sync as this legislature and our Governor.

Representative Mike Caruso

And, as she never tires of telling everyone, Democrats have Nikki Fried, but poor little Nikki will be gone soon.

Howard Simon, former longtime state director for the American Civil Liberties Union, said DeSantis appears to be taking his cues from Viktor Orban, the autocratic prime minister of Hungary admired by many American conservatives.

“But there are few that are actually putting in practice the model of Viktor Orban other than Ron DeSantis,” Simon said. “And it is essentially to make the state not only a one-party state but a one-person state.”

Bob Jarvis, a law professor at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, told CNN that DeSantis has been handed a “blank check.”

The ACLU and Bob Jarvis, another freeloading academic, imply that DeSantis is a wanna-be dictator. The Sentinel and their flying monkeys can’t stand that the people’s will trumps their vision of what Florida should be.

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DeSantis has high approval ratings with Florida voters, and even the Orlando Sentinel concedes that he will likely win re-election decisively.

Bryan Griffin, Press Secretary for Gov. DeSantis hit the nail on the head with his response to the Sentinel’s “Special Report” on Twitter.

All the attacks on DeSantis inevitably fail because Florida is an immensely successful state thanks to DeSantis, the Republican majority, and their policies.

People from all over the country are moving to Florida in record numbers. All the “experts” are frustrated and out of touch.

People aren’t stupid; in this case, they’re certainly more intelligent than college professors and legacy media.

People want a better life and will move wherever they can find it.

They’re finding that better life in the Free State of Florida, Orlando Sentinel be damned.

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