The Left is Destroying America’s Institutions

“Forgive and forget” is the mantra of some Americans as they navigate through life. That works for some problems and for dealing with destructive personal behavior. But it’s a flawed mantra, because some adversaries and enemies count on you exiting the battlefield as part of forgive and forget; it’s part of their plan to push you aside so they can emerge victorious.

There is one battlefield that is too valuable, too important, to relinquish: The political left crowd cannot be forgiven for their war to devastate America’s institutions, waged since the 1960s.
The decade of the 60s was the beginning of the rise of revolutionary, progressive ideologies that have blossomed dangerously through the years. These ideologies, especially including identity politics and radical race and gender theory, have gnawed at the foundations of American values and customs built up through trial and error over 200 years.

The radicals have done this by launching a war against the Rule of Law, by assailing America’s institutions, or by trying to take over the institutions and convert them to allies for their political agendas. After the radicals were largely beaten back following the 1960s, they adopted a strategy to take control of, and infiltrate, American cultural and educational institutions. They’re winning. The impact of identity politics on the American system of values has led to dividing our citizens and undermining a sense of shared national identity. This has fragmented society, part of their sinister plan, as people increasingly define themselves based on narrower group identities, rather than a broader sense of national unity.

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Identity politics has also created an environment where certain viewpoints are deemed unacceptable if they do not align with a particular group’s beliefs. “Cancel culture” was born from this, where people with different views must be harshly punished. Identity politics has shifted us away from universal values that have served as a foundation to the American system, undermining social cohesion.

Successful societies, and nations of immigrants, need social arrangements that are stable and predictable. Nations are made up of interrelated parts that provide overall stability. These are social structures—institutions—that need permanency because they preserve society. If adverse developments impair or injure any of these parts, it affects the whole system and disturbs stability and proper functioning. Examples of institutions are family (including marriage), education, a criminal justice system, the Rule of Law, the economy, the three branches of government, an independent media, and religion. Norms must exist that govern behavior and conduct, with sanctions for violations; institutions create systems for organizing standardized patterns of social behavior. Citizens must be loyal to these institutions and principles, because loyalty provides the cement that holds together a large and diverse country.

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And yet, our institutions are under siege. Starting in the 1960s and continuing today there are insidious groups, mostly on the political left, who want to damage or neuter the strength of America’s institutions. Their purpose is to “remake, transform America” and they are willing to destroy much of what has raised the U.S. to the status of best-nation-in-the-world.

If these destructive groups are successful, here is what will happen: the principles of a democratic republic, such as the Rule of Law, separation of powers, checks and balances, free speech, and societal stability will be thrown off track, impaired. Crime and violence in the streets will increase. Thieves are not being prosecuted and prisoners will be released early. Trust and confidence in our institutions– guiding lights for behavior– will be destroyed. Financial and economic innovation and progress will be set back. Equal treatment under the law will fade away and basic rights will be ignored. America’s role on the global stage will suffer greatly, and we will no longer be able to shape international norms or address global challenges effectively.

Those who would change this nation by undermining our institutions need to be halted in their tracks, and that effort should start in the voting booth. Get rid of leftist district attorneys, legislators, and others who would uproot the fundamental structures of the U.S. No more “experimental” nonsense and making victims out of criminals and illegals. We need to throw far-leftists and anarchists out to pasture. It’s too bad tarring and feathering is out of style.

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