‘The Gloves are off’: Pushaw resigns as Press Secretary, joins DeSantis’ re-election campaign

Desantis’ press secretary and conservative firebrand Christina Pushaw submitted her letter of resignation on Friday, aiming to be rehired for DeSantis’s upcoming campaign for re-election.

Other than being frontloaded with various thanks, the resignation letter primarily consists of a slew of her and Desantis’ accomplishments.

Pushaw first celebrated the handling of COVID-19, particularly for the freedoms it protected, including going to church, going to work, and going to school. She also noted the Governor’s focus on monoclonal antibodies as an effective treatment for COVID-19, which helped many Floridians recover without hospitalization. Pushaw wrote that these measures kept the entire nation from becoming a lockdown state like many other states in the country.

“If not for our Governor daring to lead with evidence-driven policy and stand up for freedom- amid relentless attacks of legacy media and “experts”- our country would have remained under perpetual threat of lockdowns and vaccine passports, a two tiered feudal dystopia.

Pushaw also lauded DeSantis’ policies on education for its focus on the Holocaust, victims of communism, and civics. In doing so, Pushaw wrote that Desntis’ was “Ensuring every student is set up for a lifetime of success with high-quality education- not ideological indoctrination.”

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Pushaw gave DeSantis props for upholding the rule of law and fostering economic opportunity as well, but she ended the letter by pointing out Desantis’ policies aimed at “Protecting life, promoting fatherhood, supporting foster and adoptive families,  and leading the country in the fight to protect parental rights.”

Pushaw wrote, “These transformative initiatives are guided by the Governor and First Lady’s belief that the family is the bedrock of society, upon which we build a stronger future for our state. I could not agree more”

Pushaw ends her letter by thanking Governor DeSantis again.

As the Governor said earlier this year Together, we have made Florida the freest state in these United States.” The chance to play even a small part in achieving this has truly been the opportunnity of a lifetime.”

Looking ahead to the campaign trail, Pushaw tweeted this on Friday:

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