The conviction and fearlessness of Rep. Anthony Sabatini

President Trump taught Republicans how to fight, but Anthony Sabatini didn’t need many lessons. Sabatini can brawl with the best of them and has been fearless in engaging RINOS and Democrats.

State Representative Anthony Sabatini, who is running for U.S Congress in Florida’s 7th District, has no interest in performing a balancing act.

Sabatini makes no apologies for his confrontational stance against both RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) and Democrats.

Tacking to the right of Republican colleagues who have made firing Fauci their rallying cry, he recently said that Fauci should “be in prison for the rest of his life” before cutting to footage of him shooting a machine gun.

When I asked him to explain his stance on this internal tug of war in the Republican Party, he said that the country is facing an existential crisis and “may only have a few years left” if we continue on our current course. Moderate Republicans who believe that we can compromise with the left don’t understand this reality, according to Sabatini.

“We understand the nature of the left, we know the stakes, and we are prescribing wartime-like policies to deal with this particular moment.  Immigration moratoriums might offend the sensibilities of an old-school, 1960s, Barry Goldwater-style traditional conservative.  They might think what Republicans are proposing right now is extreme.  They fundamentally underestimate the time we’re in right now.  The country probably only has a few years left if you can’t drastically change its course.”  He said.

Sabatini said he was motivated to run for office because of the “weakness” he saw from elected officials, including his Republican colleagues.  If there were “a thousand people like DeSantis” in the party, Sabatini says he would be content with practicing law and visiting wineries across the world.

The conservative firebrand, who is making waves in Florida and across the country was not always interested in politics.

Sabatini said that he had “something like zero interest in politics” in college, and was a registered Democrat when he could vote for the first time in high school.

He called his experience in New York City, where he moved when he was 24 years old, his “road to Damascus conversion” to politics.

“It was the first time I was surrounded by apathetic, angry, nasty leftism. It was everywhere, all the time so you couldn’t get away from it. It started to seep into my mind that this was a horrible way to live, and it was all around me. These people who were the elites of society were going to end up probably making the whole country this way.”

This experience led Sabatini to join the Young Republicans, move to Florida, and attend law school with plans to run for office.

After spending his formative years after college under siege by “nasty leftism” Sabatini has helped pass legislation in Florida that has put leftists in the state on the defensive.

Three months after passing the Parental Rights in Education bill, what opponents have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, Sabatini proposed making it a felony to bring children to drag queen shows.

Opponents of the proposal, which is still being considered by the Florida legislature and DeSantis, claim the proposal is hypocritical because it strips parents of their right to teach children about sexuality, like the Parental Rights in Education bill aimed to do.

Sabatini justified the proposal, saying, “This is one of the big problems of politics; people get wrapped up in these abstractions. The left doesn’t believe in parental rights at all. They never have and never will. They’re cynically using parental rights, saying conservatives want to protect parental rights in some cases but not others. We want to protect the right to make it so your child is not exposed to gender ideology and wokeism. We don’t want to protect the right to shove your child into a drag queen show. I think it’s painfully obvious that you need to use prudence in politics.”

On the subject of passing laws, I asked Sabatini what laws he would want to pass if he could to reverse the moral decay that he believes led us to this point.

He said that fixing our broken education system was the best solution.

“Real communities can’t exist until you take educational institutions back.  We have fake educational institutions where people are institutionalized very quickly.  They’re taught a hollow set of beliefs about what the good life is.  Basically, they are made extreme cultural relativists and atheists very quickly.  If you privatized education and you got government out of education and gave people vouchers, the average person would pivot towards religious, morals based, western civilization based education.  That would sprout a generation of actual citizens, rather than subjects”

Sabatini, often held out as a conservative firebrand known for his aggressive brand of politics, was very cerebral during our interview. He cited intellectuals such as Aristotle and Thomas Sowell to justify his stances on the issues.

Jack Furnari, CEO and Founder of Florida Jolt, echoed this sentiment, saying, “Anthony Sabatini has a better grasp of the dangers we face than most Republican politicians, and he dares to talk about them.”

While thoroughly explaining his beliefs, he ended the interview in a typical Sabatini-esque fashion.

I asked him what his favorite Florida NFL team was, and he said all NFL commissioners are radical leftists and should be deported.  NCAA officials are safe though because Sabatini is a fan of the Florida Gators.

If you’d like to know more about Anthony Sabatini, visit his website.

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