Texas Grandma Shoots Armed Robber Dead in Defense of Her Food Truck

A Texas Grandma shot an armed robber dead who attempted to hold up her family-owned Food Truck.

53-year-old Keshondra Howard Turner was cooking around 1 pm inside the “Elite Eats and Cold Treats” truck in a Houston parking lot when a 23-year-old man drove up alongside the vehicle, according to HBD Lieutenant Bui.



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Police say this southwest Houston grandmother was cooking in her food truck this afternoon when a man pulled up with a gun demanding cash. They say she grabbed her gun and killed the suspect in self defense. #KHOU11

According to the family, things seemed normal, with the man using to see what was on the menu. But, when Turner attempted to show him, the man suddenly pulled a gun. The burglar then exited his car and demanded cash. Turner quickly closed the drive-through window, but the assailant forced it open, shoving his gun inside and attempting to fire on Turner.

However, the man’s gun jammed, allowing Turner, who’s licensed to carry a gun, to shoot the would-be-burglar several times through the window. The man stepped away from the truck before collapsing fifty feet away, pronounced dead at the scene. After the incident, Turner suffered acute anxiety and chest pains and was brought to the hospital for treatment.

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While police say they do not expect Turner to be charged, as she fired her weapon in self-defense, they did collect evidence at the scene, which they will present to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

Turner’s son, Derick Howard, said divine intervention had saved his mother.

“My momma is a great person, you know? Good-hearted, looking out for everybody. She’d give the shirt off her back,”

He also insisted that his mother would never fire at someone unless given no choice.

“I hope she’s alright because I know right now she’s going crazy because that’s not even (like) her.”

One Twitter user, who seemingly knows Turner, even suggested Turner attempted to save the assailant’s life after the shooting, but this claim has not been verified.

“I know people mean well by joking about her as if she’s a tough gun slinging grandmother But Pumpkin is sweet. A decent person. Means well & sits in her food truck daily. She’s not this hardened character people are creating. She tried to save the boy’s life.”

At the same time, other users lauded Turned for her actions.

“If you point a gun at someone as the criminal did, you should assume you could die for doing it. Simple.”

“Knowing a grandma can level the playing field against a robber will hopefully make potential criminals think twice.” one Twitter user said. “It’s why we call firearms the great equalizer. “Oh, you are 220 lbs of pure muscle and a trained kickboxer? Cool, lead don’t care,” another replied.

This is the soul food truck’s first incident in its three-year history.

Family member Jacqueline Mitchell told KHOU 11 about the food truck’s menu “Ox tail, and we’ve got good hamburgers, pork chops, wings.” she said, “People come from all over to eat here,”

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