Tennessee Woman Tries to Hire Hitman to Kill Wife of Former Boyfriend

Melody Sasser, 47, of Tennessee, is accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill the wife of David Wallace, a man she met on match.com and dated. Sasser allegedly tracked her rival Jennifer Wallace using a fitness app to send real-time updates and information to a fake assassination website that eventually tipped off the police.

“This needs to appear to be random or accidental. Or plant drugs, don’t want a lengthy investigation,” Sasser allegedly wrote on the now-defunct “Online Killers Market” site under the username “Cattree.”

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Sasser provided the hitman website with about $9,750 worth of bitcoin on January 11, along with information on Jennifer and that the hitman must meet to keep the trail cold, according to court documents filed in Knoxville, Tennessee, federal court.

David Wallace and Sasser appeared to have been matched on the online dating site sometime in 2020. They were dating and going on hiking trips before he got engaged to another woman and moved away to Alabama in 2022.

Melody Sasser

The couple alleges that Sasser used the Strava workout app to track them down and confront them. When David told her that he was getting married to Jennifer, Sasser said, “I hope you fall off a cliff and die,”

An avid hiker, Sasser allegedly used the Strava workout app to track her target’s location.

In December, prosecutors claim Sasser became active on the Online Killers Market website, often venting her frustration that no hitman had quickly taken the job. Sasser allegedly became so angry that she eventually took her complaints to the site administrator.

“Waiting for 2 months and 11 days and the work is not done. 2 weeks ago, you said that on this The work has been done and will be completed in a week,” the user Cattree wrote on March 22. “The work is still not completed. Does it need to be assigned to someone else. Will it be done. What is the delay, when will it be done.”

When she was told the hitman declined the job because it “was too risky,” Cattree began posting Jennifer’s information from the Strava workout app, including her hiking routes and routine.

Since David is a federal employee, The Department of Homeland Security was notified on April 27 about the hit placed on Jennifer, with investigators working with the couple to provide protection and track down the person who wanted her dead.

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According to court documents, officials followed the money from Cattree’s account and subpoenaed Coinhub, which operated Bitcoin ATMs and linked back to Sasser.

Sasser was arrested on May 18 and remains in custody pending a court appearance on Thursday. She could face up to 10 years in jail if convicted of the murder-for-hire charge.

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