Ten Shot at Rapper French Montana’s Video Shoot

The sounds of gunfire rang out during rapper French Montana’s new music video filming, leaving as many as ten people wounded in a Miami Gardens Parking lot.

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The shooting occurred in a strip mall parking lot in front of “The Licking” Soul Food restaurant, located a mere 2 miles away from the Hard Rock Stadium. Reports indicate Montana was not injured during the shooting.

According to Miami rapper CED Mogul, the shooting happened after someone at the video shooting had their Rolex watch and car keys stolen. Mogul said the video was initially supposed to get filmed at a nearby KFC restaurant, but they moved after an altercation.

Miami Gardens Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt stated, “we believe the shooting was an isolated incident,” and said the video production company did not have the necessary permits to film there either.

The “level 1 mass casualty event,” which reportedly occurred around 8 P.M., remains under investigation by the Miami Gardens Police Department. No arrests have yet been made, but the MGPD encouraged anyone who “was in the area at the moment that this incident occurred” to contact authorities immediately.”

French Montana, whose real name is Karim Kharbouch, is best known for his 2017 album “Jungle Rules,” tweeted out his thoughts and prayers to the victims and families of the shooting. Montana is no stranger to violence as he was shot in the head in 2003 when two shooters opened fire outside a New York City recording studio.

One of the strip mall shop owners who wished to remain anonymous said he was working late while the video was being filmed when he heard what he thought was a car backfiring. About five minutes later, they realized what had happened.

“Most of the shootings around here are personal, not random,” the shop owner said. He asked that his name not be used, fearing retribution. “Most are about greed or money.”

Although ten people were shot, no one died. The investigation is ongoing

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