Team DeSantis Hints at 2024 Run With New Ad – ‘We Do Not Surrender to the Woke Mob’

Ron DeSantis may not have officially announced a run for the White House, but that isn’t stopping him from campaigning. During his tough-on-crime tour, the Florida Governor visited New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania this week. While Team DeSantis has advertised the tour as part of the governor’s law enforcement outreach efforts, it may be a practice run for a future 2024 bid. A new ad from the DeSantis campaign certainly leaves that impression.

“We do not surrender to the woke mob.”

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Those were the opening words of a new 60-second ad spot released by the campaign on Tuesday. The video, “Law and Order: Florida Leading the Way,” covers the three-state tour and includes footage of DeSantis touting Florida’s successes in combating crime.

DeSantis published in a follow-up tweet, “Americans are fleeing cities governed by leftist politicians as violent crime has surged due to woke, anti-police policies. NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago should follow Florida’s lead and reject soft-on-crime policies.”

The video also boasted that crime in Florida had reached a 50-year low.

Supporters of the Florida Governor applauded the ad and not-so-subtly nudged the Governor towards a White House bid.

‘Virginia Military Institute Alumni Go to War Against Woke, Credit DeSantis With Leading the Charge’
“DeSantis has an expert political team that puts out first-rate content,” Tweeted one supporter. “Everything about DeSantis is professional and organized. These are good qualities in a leader.”

“Unofficial campaign ad from Ron Desantis, but I like this ad!!” Tweeted another.

“This is just gold. Spot on messaging that resonates because he actually walks the walk. This guy’s something else. Most talented politician I’ve ever seen.”


“Reminder Azealia Banks, recording artist, states she spends her time in Miami now rather than LA because she no longer felt safe. She credits [Ron DeSantis’] leadership.”

“Americans are fleeing leftist cities in droves and moving to states like Florida who believe in law and order,” one commenter wrote. “No one wants to live in a city where the police have been defunded. We need DeSantis’ leadership at a national level.”

Quoting the Governor, Team DeSantis tweeted,

“‘ As much as I’m proud of FL doing well, I want the country to do well. I want all of these communities to do well, & in order to do that, we’ve got to regrow a commitment for law-and-order throughout every corner of this country.'”

They added, “Florida is leading thanks to [Ron DeSantis]!”

When asked by a reporter earlier this month if he had any plans to run for President, DeSantis joked, “wouldn’t you like to know.” On a Fox News appearance this week, however, the Governor laid out a possible announcement timetable.

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DeSantis will launch another tour next week after his upcoming book is released on Tuesday. The Florida legislative session will then take place from March to May. DeSantis is expected to break his silence on the 2024 election once the session has concluded.

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