Teachers Union Holds ‘secret meeting’ after Local Mom ASKED About CRT Curriculum

Rhode Island mom Nicole Solas slammed a local teachers union when they made her the topic of a ‘secret meeting’ after she made a records request regarding school curriculum, concerned about the potential presence of Critical race theory.

Solas went on Fox and Friends Weekend to air out her grievances.

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“They painted me like a wanted enemy of the state simply because I submitted public records requests…. There were 250 teachers that attended where they were alerted to me being an attack on public education.”

Solas claimed she learned about the meeting when one teacher leaked slides from a presentation attacking her. The slide read that Solas’ information requests and curriculum concerns were associated with “outdated thinking” while also prescribing her harmful intent.


“Nicole Solas’ 200+ APRA requests have crippled our district…by asking for detailed information like months of educators’ emails targeted on select terms. Par of a well coordinated effort from outdated thinking who want to push for inaccurate lessons to fuel divisions…”

According to Solas, the slideshows also included pictures of her. She blamed the union for its behavior and framing of her as villainous.

“These people present themselves as if they are pillars of the community when, really, they look more like psychopaths zeroing in on a target.”

Solas also insisted that her issue was not isolated and was about much more than just her.

“But this just about me. this is what the teachers union does, they target parents. And this is happening across the country. Since I’ve gone public I have seen letters from the teachers union that send threats of lawsuits to other parents because the teachers union doesn’t like what they say on Facebook about them. So they have secret meetings about me, they have threats of lawsuits against other parents, and in my case they actually did sue me. They have been harassing me since day one… and it’s all because I asked questions about public education….”

Solas spoke of her genuine surprise when she first got caught up in the issue and talked about how she assumed she had rights regarding public schooling.

I’m a parent who enrolled my daughter in public school for kindergarten. I had no idea that I would be treated like an adversary. I thought I had all these rights going into public school I thought I could ask to see the curriculum. But just asking to see the curriculum caused my teachers union and school district to retaliate against me and they really tried to ruin my life. “

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Solas also expressed her support for recent legislation protecting parental rights, the most famous of which is the Parental Rights in Education act created in Florida.

“The Parents Bill of Rights is something everyone should support because all it does is say that you have a right to see the curriculum, you have a right to be heard, you have a right to know if there’s violence at school, you have a right to protect your child privacy. I mean, these are common sense principles that everyone could agree on across the political spectrum.”

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