Teacher Threatens Students-‘F— Them Up’ with Guns After Discovering Drawings of Swastikas

Wisconsin Teacher David Schroeder is in the Ozaukee County Jail after he allegedly threatened to ‘F— Students Up’ after he found two Students possessing a drawing with several swastikas.

Another issue is that Schroeder is already under investigation for a previous incident, and parents are mad.

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The incident occurred on May 12, according to the criminal complaint obtained by Crisis in the Classroom (CITC).

David Schroeder, a John Long Middle School teacher, allegedly found two students in possession of a drawing depicting several swastikas.

David Schroeder

Witnesses say it was not clear to Schroeder if the same two students had drawn the swastikas, as the majority of the drawing was completed in pen, while only the symbols were drawn in pencil. However, Schroeder allegedly confronted the entire classroom, telling his students that,

“All Jews have guns” and that he would use his own “17 guns” to “f them up.”

“I wish pain on all of you and your families,” Schroeder allegedly told students. “I should have my daughter come to your house with a baseball bat.”

Schroeder, who the complaint states was already under investigation for “concerning” behavior towards students, was eventually escorted from the school.

Several parents are angry and feel that the Grafton School District (GSD) waited too long to alert families of what was occurring.

“You emailed us minutes before police walked in the building to tell us it was a rumor and it’s not a big deal,” one mother told the GSD school board Monday. “A person threatening violence and talking about firearms he owns is the single most dangerous threat in today’s world and is the biggest justifiable reason for parents to panic.”

Parents claim that the Grafton School District waited more than an hour to notify police of the incident. The complaint states that some students texted their parents during this time, saying they felt unsafe at school.

“You all failed that day,” another mother added.


Grafton Police Chief Jeff Caponera seemingly disagreed Monday, saying that he feels the district acted appropriately.

“I think the way they acted and handled the situation, with the knowledge and information they were presented at the time, they did exactly what they needed to do,” Caponera told the school board. “Unfortunately, word got out on social media that this was occurring, and we were called by a parent, not the school at the time.”

Due to the ongoing investigation into Schroeder, the district had already decided that Schroeder’s contract would not be renewed.

Schroeder is due in court next month and was required to turn over all weapons in the meantime.

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District Superintendent Jeff Nelson acknowledged parents’ concerns, saying that GSD never intended to “indicate an incident had not occurred.”

While an investigation into the incident plays out, the district plans to weigh hiring a school resource officer and providing instruction on antisemitism to students.

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