Sun-Sentinel is as bad as the Palm Beach Post

The Sun-Sentinel is mostly a Broward “newspaper,” they have some distribution in South Palm Beach County, but that’s dwindling, so I don’t criticize the Sentinel as much as I should, certainly not as much I do the Palm Beach Post.

Yesterday, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel published “DeSantis seeks control over universities, targeting tenure, ‘politicized’ classes” by Skyler Swisher of the Orlando Sentinel.

The legacy media’s insistence on labeling opinion as news is infuriating.

That “DeSantis seeks control” is combined with putting quote marks around the word “politicize’ in the headline is the Sentinel telling readers that DeSantis is an authoritarian on the rise and will harm unpoliticized higher education.

That’s not news. That’s an opinion.

And it’s a ridiculous opinion considering the numerous and outrageous examples of political bias and left-wing indoctrination in Florida higher education.

The University of Florida changed the name of its “Karl Marx Group Study Room” to “Group Study Room 229” after Campus Reform’s Mar. 7 report.

As Campus Reform previously reported, the Karl Marx Group Study Room, located in Library West, included a plaque describing Marx, the author of The Communist Manifesto, as a “philosopher, radical economist, and revolutionary critic.” – Campus Reform

Celebrating Karl Marx is mainstream, right?

A mere bag of shells that his communist ideology is responsible for the deaths of 100 million people.

Respectful and rational people like United Faculty of Florida union president Andrew Gothard had this to say to Swisher:

Gothard said students in Florida are exposed to a variety of views on campus, and the narrative that professors are pushing a liberal agenda is untrue.

“This boogeyman, straw man goes all the way back to McCarthyism to scare people that universities are doing something bad to their children,” he said.

Gothard must be doing shrooms or something with his diverse, woke, never-going-to-get-a-real-job students because there’s overwhelming evidence colleges do push a far-left agenda.

Here’s another example from Campus Reform from the University of Central Florida headlined: Web design class goes lefty with ‘The Social(ism) Hour’


If Marx isn’t exciting enough for you, The University of Florida has the answer, ‘Prostitutes coming to campus’: Students host ‘Sex Toy Raffle,’ other ‘Sexxx Events’

The climate of fear for conservatives on a college campus has been well-documented, but allow me to go personal and anecdotal. I know college-level educators who hide their political views for fear of being denied raises, promotions, and even being fired for their political views. One uses fake names on social media, so their colleagues won’t know they support President Trump.

The entire premise of Sentinel’s opinion piece is that what we all know is happening in colleges isn’t happening. If you need more proof, check out Campus Reform’s Florida page.

Both “Sentinels” should be embarrassed to post such a biased piece and not label it as an opinion.

If you subscribe to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, you can read, DeSantis seeks control over universities, targeting tenure, ‘politicized’ classes and see how biased it is yourself.

When I went after the Palm Beach Post for the same reason in Palm Beach Post school board article proves it’s not a newspaper, a person I can only assume is a “dementia denier” whined, “but yours is opinion too.”

Again, here’s the difference between legacy media and me.

The Sun-Sentinel with a biased op-ed falsly labeled as “Education” in the news section as follows.


And this is me, with my post clearly labeled as opinion.


My post is labeled as opinion, and like it or not, you know what you’re getting.

The Sentinel piece is propaganda falsely labeled as news.

The legacy media is mainly irrelevant, but we must be vigilant and hold them accountable.

As for our colleges, we’ve let teacher’s unions and faculty control our universities long enough.

It’s time for the adults to take control.

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