Stormy Daniels Pornhub Web Traffic Skyrocketed After News of Trump Indictment Broke

Porn Star Stormy Daniels has been making headlines again in the past two weeks as Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg prepares to indict former President Donald Trump about hush money payments made to Daniels. The hush money was allegedly paid to Daniels to conceal an affair between her and Trump.

While Daniel’s accusations against Trump have already boosted her profile in the form of a book deal, it has also boosted her career in porn.

According to metrics provided by adult entertainment giant PornHub, Daniel’s name has seen an increase in searches in the past week to the tune of 21,655%, an over two hundredfold increase.

In a statement, PornHub said: “Stormy Daniels has found herself in the news again. If that wasn’t a name you knew before, you’ll almost certainly know it now.

“As a result of the current news cycle, we saw a whopping 21,655% jump in searches for Stormy Daniels this week, compared to her daily average for this quarter, which was about 2,150 searches a day.

“The news has no doubt invoked interest in her work (NSFW) some of which can be found on Pornhub. So, join the fun and take a look for yourself! ”

While Trump’s supporter’s people have expressed outrage and believe that Daniel’s original accusations were self-serving, adult film star Cherie DeVille said that no one should be surprised.

“If you’re in the news, some man out there is going to wonder what you look like naked,” said DeVille. “It’s just the law of physical attraction, baby!”

Daniels has been vocal on social media in the last week, defending herself from critics on Twitter.

In one instance, Daniels attempts to explain why she originally signed a statement saying that she and Trump did not have sexual relations.

“This is not “breaking news”…here it is in my book from 2018 and it was discussed multiple times on TV. That letter I was bullied to sign is what actually made me decide to finally come forward after years of threats,” She tweeted.

Daniels has been plugging her book on Twitter frequently in the past week in what may be an attempt to boost sales.

In another tweet, she defends herself from a Twitter user who reminded her that she lost a defamation case against Trump and ended up owing him $300,000 for attorney bills.

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“I lost because Avenatti filed incorrectly and it wasn’t about sex, NDAs, etc. It was about his tweet and that it was considered ‘hyperbole,'” she said.

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, pled guilty in 2018 to campaign finance violations about the payments made to Daniels and hiding around $4 million in income.

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Trump denied knowledge of the payments and repeatedly said he did not reimburse Cohen for the costs.

Federal prosecutors refused to charge Trump when he was in office criminally, and now he is out of office. Bragg has reportedly hit speed bumps in the past week in securing an indictment due to the credibility of Cohen’s testimony being called into question.

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