Stephen A. Smith Drops Truth Bomb on Trump Charges – ‘They Can’t Beat Him Legitimately’

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith warned Democrats this week, saying they may face a “detrimental effect” from the federal prosecution of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. While Smith has gone on the record refusing to support the former President, the sports analyst opined on News Nation that the recent charges give credence to the idea that Democrats “can’t beat him legitimately.”

Smith told host Chris Cuomo on Thursday,

“At the end of the day, what we’re asking ourselves are: ‘Is he going to end up in jail? Are you going to prevent him from running for the White House?’ And the answer for most people is no. It’s going to be much ado about nothing.”

“He’s gonna be accused again. You know, back in the day, was impeached not once but twice, but yet again he still is here,” Smith said, later adding that “even a cat doesn’t have as many lives as Donald Trump appears to have.” The ESPN analyst expects that not only will Trump beat the charges against him but that Democrats will come to regret trying to knock him out of the Presidential election.

“That man could be indicted, he can be thrown in jail and can still run for president. So at the end of the day, are you gonna beat him or not? You beat him once he wouldn’t admit it. He still won’t let it go. He still claims that the election was rigged and stuff like that, and he is still here.”

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Earlier in the week, Smith joined Fox News host Sean Hannity, where he criticized the re-election campaign of President Joe Biden. While he disagreed with Hannity’s assessment that the octogenarian is a “cognitive mess,” Smith agreed it was time for a “new President” in the White House.

“He’s the candidate, number one, that [Democrats] deem capable of beating Donald Trump, which he’s already proven, whether people want to admit that or not,” Smith said.

“Number two, and more importantly, I’m not going to sit up there and label our president in those derogatory fashions. What I will say is this – I’m not engaging in ageism or anything like that. I’m going to tell you this, as I’m looking at him and I don’t like what I see… I’m very concerned with what I’ve seen and the fact that he’s going to be 82 years of age at election time,”

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The same week that he criticized both the leading Democrat and Republican presidential candidates, Smith came out to support the campaign of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who he referred to as “a friend.”

“Yes, I know the Gov. Yes, he’s a friend,” Smith wrote on Twitter. “But this has nothing to do with endorsing him nor anyone else. This is about helping the Gov get on that debate stage so we can all see who’s the best man or woman for the job.”

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