Stepdad Pistol Whips and Shoots PlayStation 4 Console

Stepdad Byron Haynes, 41, of Altamonte Springs is in the Seminole County jail after an argument with his teen stepson. He pistol whipping and shot his stepson’s PlayStation 4 video gaming console.

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The teen told Altamonte police that Haynes was arguing with and berating his sister. The teen intervened and told Haynes to stop yelling at his sister. Haynes then got into an argument with his stepson. The boy told police that Haynes told him to “shut the f#@* Up and get out of the room.”

Haynes and his stepson continued to argue until Haynes left the room. Haynes returned a few seconds later after going to his bedroom and was now brandishing a pistol. Haynes proceeded to pistol whip the offending PlayStation 4 gaming console and then in a coup de grâce, fired a bullet into it and put it out of its misery.

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The stepson left the room and later told police that Haynes pointed the pistol at him, and again told him to leave the home. The boy then left the house and called his mother to pick him up.

Altamonte police said that Haynes admitted to them he did in fact pistol whip the PlayStation 4 into submission, but the gunshot was not intentional and was just an accidental discharge. He also told police that at no time did he ever point the pistol at his stepson or threaten him with it in any way.

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Haynes was transported to the Seminole County Jail where he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, child neglect without great bodily harm and firing a weapon in a residential area. An inmate search of the Seminole County jail website for Haynes information proved negative, and it appears that Haynes posted bail and was released.

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