‘State-Sanctioned Kidnapping’ California Bill Would Let Therapists Take Children from Homes Without Due Process

A bill introduced in the California legislature would permit counselors to send gender-questioning children above 12 to a residential facility without their parent’s knowledge or consent.

The AB 665 bill attempts to get transgender teens’ gender-affirming care’ if their parents disagree with the teen or counselor’s proposed treatment methods.

AB 665 states that a “shocking 78 percent of LGBTQ+ youth who were surveyed shared they had considered suicide,” most had done so in the last year, and nearly one-third have made a suicide attempt in the last year.

The talking point regarding the suicide rates of transgender youth has been used to justify extreme measures to expedite treatment, often cutting corners and violating the rights of parents in the process.

While LGBT activists believe that the bill will remove the ‘stigma’ for gender-affirming care, others believe that it is an egregious violation of the rights of parents, with some going so far as to call it ‘state-sponsored kidnapping.’

“The parents will have no idea what happened to their child,” writes Erin Friday, co-leader of Our Duty. “Imagine their fear and anxiety. These parents are criminalized without an accusation, evidence, or trial.”

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Some experts also dispute the idea that so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ reduces suicide rates and have expressed alarm at the thought.

Dr. Riitta Kaltiala, the chief psychiatrist at a Finnish gender clinic, cautioned that the transition-or-suicide narrative is “purposeful disinformation, the dissemination of which is irresponsible.”

The issue was recently magnified by the tragic suicide of a transgender flight attendant who committed suicide after transitioning. She was featured in United Airlines advertisements promoting trans inclusivity.

Friday expressed concerns that the legislation would allow children to make irreversible, life-changing medical decisions at 12 without parental oversight.

“Twelve is the magic number — the age that California can steal all of the rights of the parents and hand over medical and mental health decisions to a child who we do not entrust with any other major decision specifically because they are not capable of comprehending the long-term consequences and are at an age known for impulsivity and lack of forethought,” writes Friday.

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She went further, saying that the bill will contribute to youth suicide by isolating people who often have mental health issues from their families.

“These bills are all couched in protecting children from suicide, but the opposite results occur when you destabilize them by reinforcing the baseless accusations that a child’s loving parents do not have their best interest in mind.”

Others have expressed similar concerns about the harm caused to children by LGBT rhetoric that isolates them from their parents.

Legislation that gave children more autonomy over their mental health and allowed them to seek therapy without parental consent was signed by Governor Schwarzenegger in 2010. Still, people have noted that youth suicide rates have only increased since then.

“According to the CDC, the suicide rates have increased by 11% for those 24 and younger since 2011, the year the law went into effect,” she explains. “Instead of repealing a bill that has not helped our youth, California is doubling down and further eroding parents’ role in their child’s life.”

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