St. Louis “Karen” with a Hammer Goes Viral in Racist Rant Caught on Video

Judy Kline, 54, of St. Louis, has been charged with first-degree burglary, first-degree property damage, and unlawful use of a weapon, all felonies, after a video of her harassing and threatening a south St. Louis Latino family went viral.

Ms. Kline has been dubbed the “St. Louis Karen” after she was caught on a doorbell camera repeatedly threatening and wielding a hammer at a Mexican American family.

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Fatima Suarez said the abuse had been going on for a year as Judy Kline, a woman they had no prior interaction with, would frequently come to the door, damage property, and steal their mail.

Judy Kline

Video from their Ring camera finally caught Kline red-handed as she screamed racist remarks at the Suarez family.

‘It scared my family. It scared me,’ Fatima Suarez said. ‘I’ve cried. It was really stressful to see her keep coming back.’

Nothing was done about it until Suarez posted a video from her doorbell camera to TikTok, which has gone viral with several million views.


There are also five videos on Suarez’s YouTube channel, including one where Kline wields a hammer and continuously rings the doorbell.

In the videos, Kline refers to the family’s house as ‘my home’ and uses plenty of profanities.

‘What the hell are you doing in my home? Get out b****! Get out! It’s my home!’ she screams.

The rants referring to “My home” are because Kline used to live in that home about 20 years ago.

According to court filings, Kline was placed under guardianship about 11 years ago.

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Suarez believes the harassment might have continued unpunished had social media not spread the word.

‘I’ve seen similar stories on TikTok going on, and I thought maybe that would help my family out as well,’ she told ABC News. ‘But I never knew it would blow up like that, and it did. So, I’m thankful for everybody that made it viral because now [there’s] going to be hopefully action taken.’

Kline’s first recorded visit to the home was on January 5, 2022, when she went behind the home and used a hammer to break in through the basement door while Suarez’s father and sister were in the house. After gaining entry to the home, Kline smashed a glass door on the family’s drier and yelled insults at Suarez’s father while holding the hammer over her head, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Kline was arrested that day and charged with aggravated burglary and property damage, but Suarez says it continued.

‘I always call the cops, and all the times that I call them, they only kept her for like 72 hours, and then she was released,’ Suarez claimed. ‘That’s why she had the opportunity to keep coming back.’

On Tuesday, Gardner finally charged Kline with burglary, property damage, and unlawful use of a weapon.

St Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s office said in a statement: ‘The CAO has elevated the warrant application related to this case and is awaiting the video evidence that was not initially submitted, and that is now circulating on the Internet.’

Although Kline has been charged with three felonies, she is not in jail.

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Suarez told KSDK 5 that an attorney in the circuit attorney’s office told her Kline is receiving psychiatric treatment at a St. Louis hospital.

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