“Squad” Member Ilhan Omar Slammed with Ethics Complaint over TikTok Posts

Progressive Democrat “squad” member Ilhan Omar recently got in hot water over a series of TikTok posts that violated House ethics rules. The complaint comes amidst a bipartisan effort to ban TikTok and limit the influence of the People’s Republic of China on the US legislative process.

The complaint, filed by The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT), requested an investigation into the alleged abuse of congressional resources for personal political gain. House rules require a strict separation of House resources and political advertising. One such regulation prohibits unofficial (or non-C-SPAN) photos or videos being taken inside the capitol; the complaint alludes to several videos taken by Ilhan Omar inside her office and on the House floor in violation of the regulation, which can still be found on the representative’s TikTok account.

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Ilhan Omar TikTok
Picture of the House floor from Ilhan Omar’s Tiktok


Ilhan Omar Office
Screenshot from a TikTok video taken inside rep. Omar’s office


The FACT ethics complaint also mentions several videos where Omar overtly used the account for her political gain, including instances in which she advertised campaign events and told viewers not to vote for Republicans, both of which are not allowed on official House accounts. Many of these activist videos were posted within the capitol building – which is another violation of House ethics rules, which the complaint also noted.

“In spite of [previous warnings], Rep. Omar has a TikTok account that she is clearly using for both official House and political purposes. The biography portion of the account describes her as a ‘Congresswoman for #MN05.’ She has posted overtly political posts, including video of her urging viewers to support Democrat candidates, a message to Democrats volunteering for campaigns, and several videos of her campaigning and attending campaign events.”

The complaint continues,

“Rep. Omar identifies it as the account of a Congresswoman from Minnesota’s Fifth District and uses official government content, thus it is an official social media account. Yet, on this same account she plainly advocates for the election of Democrats and posts campaign content. The use of the account itself for both political and official purposes is an abuse of official resources.”

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FACT Executive Director Kendra Arnold condemned the representative for her blatantly unethical actions. “These violations are disturbing and clearly not how members are supposed to be using official resources,” she remarked. “The law is abundantly clear, and her account and the content posted speak for themselves. These rules are to protect the time, resources, and integrity of official proceedings for those in elected office.”

Ilhan Omar is also alleged to have used TikTok on an “official House device,” which was recently prohibited in response to security concerns with the CCP-controlled app. The legislator has not commented on the alleged abuse of taxpayer-funded House resources, nor has she expressed any support for regulating the app other representatives call “Chinese spyware.” If the Somali-American representative is found to have violated House ethics rules, she can be reprimanded, censured, or even expelled from her position per the decision of the House Committee on Ethics.

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