Sports Illustrated Puts Trans Biological Male on Swimsuit Cover

Magazine Sports Illustrated, renowned for, among other things, their photography of scantily clad women, drew the ire of the online masses after releasing a new periodical with transgender pop musician Kim Petras as the cover model.

Despite the Twitter post of Petras having nearly two and a half million views, just around 450 people liked the post – perhaps indicative of the popularity of the magazine giant’s decision.

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The German-born trans pop star gained fame and a Grammy for their role in Sam Smith’s controversial song “Unholy.”

Petras was born a male before undergoing male-to-female “bottom surgery” at age 16.

Despite putting a biological male on the cover, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editor-in-Chief MJ Day celebrated his placement of Kim Petras as empowering for women.

“There is no theme [to this year’s issue]—rather, there is a vision, a sentiment, a hope that women can live in a world where they feel no limitations, internally or externally.”

Day continued his commending of Petras, saying that Petras’s “[path to superstardom] has been anything but a straight line” and praising Petras for being a “beacon of inspiration to the LGBTQ+ community.”

The “Unholy” singer said they hoped people “take away from this that I look really hot and Sports Illustrated is cool” – a message that didn’t reach everybody.

Sports Illustrated’s controversial move comes amidst a massive right-wing backlash against companies like Bud Light and Miller Lite over their woke messaging and unapologetic consumer base alienation. Bud Light’s advertising with Dylan Mulvaney – another trans figurehead – has devastated the company financially.

Petras is confident in the success of the issue. “I was definitely nervous; I was like, can I pull it off,” they said, “but now that we’re doing it, I feel like we can.”

The beer company’s woke advertising led to mass boycotts and the hemorrhaging of billions of dollars – an unprecedented and not-yet-repeated anti-woke triumph.

“I guess you didn’t take the hint from Bud Light that men are done with this ? Like come on man.” ~@audraf637 on Twitter

Despite taking similar actions, Sports Illustrated – like Miller Lite – has faced no significant penalty for their imposition of woke gender ideology.

“Why would you put a man on the cover of a swimsuit magazine? Are you trying to beat bud light in tanking sales?” ~@happy_foxxy on Twitter

“Gross! You put a dude on your swimsuit magazine cover! No wonder you can’t get people to buy your worthless rag!” ~@riverrated on Twitter

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There are isolated tweets of Sports Illustrated subscribers canceling their subscriptions – though nothing to the scale of Bud Light.

“I have been done with sports illustrated. When I get [Sports Illustrated] swimsuit edition I expect biological women throughout magazine not a man pretending to be a woman.” ~@andrewclune24 on Twitter

With the May 15th announcement being so recent, it’s difficult to see how audiences will receive the contentious periodical. Sports Illustrated has utilized two transgender cover models previously with little backlash.

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