Special Session: ‘We are Not a Sanctuary State’-Legislature Sends Strong Florida First Message to Illegal Immigrants

Republicans and now Democrats have both acknowledged that our country has a broken immigration system, and Florida Republicans have said enough is enough. A bill titled. Transportation of Inspected Unauthorized Aliens, Sponsored by Senator Blaise Ingolia (R)  (SB 6B) and Representative John Snyder. (HB 5B), is sending a clear message. If you’re an “illegal alien,” you will have the option of being transported to sanctuary cities outside of the state of Florida. 

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The Federal government is a colossal failure when it comes to immigration issues. Before the Bill reading on the floor today, Representative Snyder had this to say to Jolt; 

The program is entirely voluntary, so it’s a win-win-win. We are helping sanctuary cities be exactly what their elected officials want them to be. We are giving migrants a free flight to a sanctuary city, and we are standing up for the people of Florida. -Representative John Snyder


State Representative John Snyder (R) sponsored a bill that will allow immigrants to be transported to sanctuary cities outside of Florida.

Representative Marie Woodsen (D) is an immigrant from Haiti. During the debate for yesterday’s and today’s reading, her big question was, “Where is the humanity.” She feels that people forget that immigrants are people. Woodsen can speak to immigrants’ struggles and challenges. She does acknowledge that we have a broken immigration system but does not forget that we are all human, we all can do what’s right, and we all have a heart. She also doesn’t want immigrants to be called aliens anymore. They are human beings. 

Many Democrat representatives echoed the same sentiments. They feel that this is a political stunt by the Governor. Republicans say no.

Representative Carolina Amesty (R) was born in Venezuela. She feels this bill protects every Floridian. What’s going on at the border is a crisis. Florida is not a sanctuary city. Transferring immigrants to states that consider themselves sanctuary cities is the right thing to do. 

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Representative Kelly Skidmore (D) quotes Reagan, who said one of the most frightening things one can hear is, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” She says this bill is being described as a humanitarian bill, and it’s not, and she wants to know when Florida supposedly became such a generous state. 

State Senator Blaise Ingolia (R) sponsored the bill on the senate side to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities outside of Florida.

Representative Kiyan Michael (R)  stood in support of this bill. “Our governor’s responsibility is to protect the citizens of Florida, and this is what he is doing.” She has been to the border and seen the tragedy. She wants people who have taken the proper steps to become citizens and be able to move forward. Millions of people seek asylum; it’s not something to be believed entirely; we are being sold a bill of goods from the federal government. 

State Rep. Snyder told Florida Jolt:

Joe Biden has completely failed the American people with his open border policies, and conditions are deteriorating rapidly. Today we will pass a bill that gives the governor the flexibility needed to address this crisis and transport unauthorized aliens to a sanctuary city so they can live off their taxpayers and not hard-working Floridians. –Representative John Snyder

The House agrees. It passed with 77 yes and 34 no votes. 

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