Socialists Disrupt TPUSA Event, Destroy Bible, Steal Pizza-Two Students Charged

Two students now face charges after a socialist mob disrupted a Turning Point USA speaking event at The State University of New York at Albany. TPUSA speaker Ian Haworth had been invited to campus Tuesday for a discussion on free speech but was forced to abandon the venue after protesters stormed the room. Agitators were seen chanting, dancing, stealing food, and destroying an attendee’s Bible. Police arrested two members of the local Young Democratic Socialists chapter in connection with the protest.

“I was at the University of Albany to speak with [Turning Point USA]. My argument: free speech is being destroyed on college campuses,” Haworth tweeted 

“And like clockwork, some deranged protesters showed up and used the heckler’s veto to try and shut down the event.”

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During Haworth’s presentation, audience members clapped and chanted in rhythm, “f–k TPUSA.”

“The tolerant left, ladies and gentlemen,” Haworth later remarked.

Video of the incident also showed protesters storming the room and continuing to chant variously, “Ian sucks” and “trans rights are human rights.” Protesters–many of whom were members of the local Young Democratic Socialists chapter–strolled around the room chanting, kicking off their Crocs, and scarfing down free pizza provided by Turning Point USA for the event.

“The most socialist thing I’ve ever seen is a bunch of deranged students screaming “no cops, no KKK, no TPUSA” at a Jewish immigrant while also happily shoveling free pizza down their throats paid for by… TPUSA! ‘Sure, they’re Nazis, but who doesn’t love a free slice?'”

After the protesters shouted down the event, police were called to the scene and asked the students to leave. According to the Albany Student Press, one student was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Another student, Maceo Foster, was arrested minutes later and charged with second-degree governmental obstruction. Foster is reportedly a Young Democratic Socialists of America member and a leader in the protest.

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Haworth’s event was forced to move to a separate location, where he was allowed to continue speaking.

“College is now where free speech goes to die,” Haworth said afterward. “[W]e need to push back against this bullshit with everything we have. Don’t let the angry minority bully people into silence.”

Haworth later thanked the university police for their support.

“Students and speakers on the right are under attack from those on the extreme left,” New York College Republicans Chairman James Marci told Florida Jolt. “The students who disrupted this event in Albany don’t seek to have productive dialogue with those they disagree with. These agitators only wish to drown out conservative voices and block the expression of ideas.”

“Those of us on the right must not back down and continue to peacefully share our viewpoints on campus, even if it goes against the grain of some socialist student group’s worldviews.”

In a statement to Fox News Digital, SUNY Albany wrote,
“[W]e expect members of our community to be able to voice their views in a manner that promotes constructive dialogue and honors UAlbany’s commitment to freedom of expression.”
Both students arrested by university police have since been released. The Young Democratic Socialists are demanding that all charges be dropped, and that SUNY Albany “divest funds from [University Police Department] and invest in a social worker based response unit.”

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