Small but Mighty: Twitter Account Florida Research is Making Waves

Florida Research’s Twitter account only posted its first tweet on Friday but has managed to amass a sizable and prestigious following, thanks to its insightful statistics and fact checks.

Using the Twitter handle @FlaResearch, the account is followed by Floridian outlets like Florida Jolt and  The Florida Orange. Even more impressively, the account has been retweeted by former DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw.


This particular tweet is a fact check on a left-wing narrative that Florida bans books left-and-right, including To Kill a Mockingbird. It’s been retweeted 160 times.

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Other tweets include politically relevant statistics trends that Floridians either may not be aware of or don’t know the particulars of.

One tweet shows the reddening of Florida, despite mass immigration.

Another tweet details Hispanic voter registration and its conservative leanings.

The account also posted a tweet demonstrating the contrast between Florida’s economy and those of blue areas through restaurant reservations.

However, Florida Research doesn’t always post statistics and tweets other information as well, often to comedic effect.

Its very first tweet, for example, quantifies how many days of paid vacations President Biden has accumulated so far.

Another notes the hypocrisy of environmentalist democrats running a carbon-heavy campaign.

More serious tweets document changes and activity on social media that the average Floridian would not notice.

While it only sits at around 600 followers now, the account has had several viral tweets and is getting noticed by larger players. If it keeps this up, it’s sure to grow quickly.


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