Slingshot Hero: Fearless 13-Year-Old Rescues Sister from Would-be Kidnapper

A 13-year-old boy has been hailed a hero after using his slingshot to save his eight-year-old sister from being abducted near the woods in Michigan.

The girl, whose name has not been disclosed, was hunting for mushrooms just outside of Alpena Township in the northern part of the state when the 17-year-old male suspect, who sported a ‘black mohawk,’ emerged from the woods. According to the victim’s uncle, Gary Quintel, who shared the story on Facebook, the suspect covered the young girl’s mouth and attempted to drag her away.

Gary Quintel Uncle to Hero 13 Year old Facebook Post

The brave 13-year-old witnessed the altercation from inside the family’s home and quickly sprang into action. Seizing his slingshot, he fired objects at the kidnapper’s head and chest, forcing the attacker to release his sister.

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Lieutenant John Grimshaw, commander of the local post of the Michigan State Troopers, recounted the events to 9&10 News; “That caused him to let go. The girl was able to struggle and get away, and he shot another one [slingshot projectile] which hit the suspect in the chest, who then fled the scene.”

Lieutenant John Grimshaw Michigan 9 & 10 News
Lieutenant John Grimshaw: WWTV 9 & 10 News

Grimshaw revealed that the suspect later admitted he intended to severely beat the eight-year-old girl after kidnapping her. However, the assailant didn’t get far, as authorities soon located him at a nearby gas station, thanks partly to the young hero.

“What he did also helped us to identify who the suspect was because, obviously, he had injuries from getting hit with a slingshot,” Grimshaw said.

The girl’s parents and the victim are understandably shaken up emotionally, but fortunately, she was not physically harmed. Her uncle expressed his pride in his nephew’s actions and offered prayers for his niece, acknowledging her traumatic experience.

In light of the incident, Grimshaw offered advice for individuals who might find themselves in similar situations:

“Fight, fight, do everything you can. Bite the hand that’s holding your mouth. If that’s the case, stomp on their feet, kick them in the shin, do whatever you can to fight. And then if your mouth is free, scream as loud as you possibly can.”

The underage suspect, whose identity remains undisclosed, is in a juvenile jail cell. His next court date is scheduled for May 17.

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This harrowing event is a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance, self-defense, and community awareness. The quick thinking and resourcefulness of the 13-year-old boy not only saved his sister from a potentially tragic outcome but also led to the swift capture of the perpetrator. His courageous act will likely inspire others to be prepared to protect their loved ones and themselves in the face of danger.

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