Skyrocketing Violent Crime Turning Philly into ‘Cesspool’… is Florida Next?

America’s great cities are facing an unprecedented crime wave after a slew of ‘soft-on-crime’ prosecutors were elected across the country.

Retailers reported a 26 percent increase in organized theft in 2021, according to the latest survey by the National Retail Federation.

In New York City, shootings have increased 70 percent from 2019, while other smaller cities like Milwaukee broke a record for the number of people murdered.

One city, in particular, has seen a rapid increase in violent crime.

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Philadelphia, dubbed the ‘birthplace of liberty,’ has seen a stunning 720 shootings since Memorial Day in late May. That shakes out to more than six shootings a day.

an irate citizen wrote Tuesday after a shooting near Roxborough high school that saw five JV football players shot – one fatally.

‘Progressive policies and being soft on crime only continues to destroy this city,’

The news of five students being shot came just days after Philadelphia went viral due to a smash and grab looting at a WaWa supermarket, a locally famous store in Philly.

Property crimes are also on the rise in the city, with over 1,000 carjackings already recorded this year, a record-high number.

Philadelphia residents are dismayed at the skyrocketing crime rates, with many saying they are in a permanent state of fear.

Philadelphia’s Democrat District Attorney, supported by Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman, recently denied that crime was a problem in the city.

Republican Candidate for Governor Doug Mastriano Releases Stirring Campaign Video.


The DeSantis campaign and Florida Republicans have highlighted Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist’s ‘soft-on-crime’ stance as one of their final appeals to Florida voters in the midterms.

In a March 2022 interview, Crist expressed support for a ‘defund the police’ policy allowing mental health professionals and social workers to take over cases typically responded to by police.

Crist also co-sponsored the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2021, which assumed that racially disparate police stops result from ‘racial profiling.’

DeSantis, for his part, has fired soft-on-crime prosecutors such as Andrew Warren, who put himself in the national spotlight after refusing to enforce Florida’s 15-week abortion ban and other controversial laws.

The Florida Governor also signed a bill to prevent localities from defunding the police.

Voters have consistently put crime in their top ten most important issues, recently catapulting it to the fourth most searched political issue on Google’s search engines.

While the results for the midterms are still unclear, it is clear that the midterm elections in Florida and across the country will be a referendum on soft-on-crime policies.

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