SHOCKING – Parent Discovers Graphic Novel Illustrating Students Shooting Teacher

A Florida parent made a shocking discovery about a local middle school – the school library has at least 80 copies of a book where students, called “misfits,” attempt to shoot their teacher to death. The finding comes amidst a historic rise in school shootings and less than a week after a horrific school shooting claimed the lives of three students and three staff members.

The book, “Assassination Classroom,” was found in multiple Hillsborough County Public Schools. The Florida Standard, a local news organization, reported that students are currently reading 45 copies of the shooting-laden book.

Shooting novel
Image from the TV adaptation of the same series

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The Wikipedia page for the series offers a brief description of the science fiction plot.

“The series follows the daily life of an extremely powerful octopus-like being working as a junior high homeroom teacher, and his students dedicated to the task of assassinating him to prevent Earth from being destroyed. The students are considered ‘misfits’ in their school.”

Local parent Julie Gebhards condemned the book’s violence and its supposed youth target audience.

“It’s stating the obvious to say that the theme of this book series is disturbing in light of the prevalence of school violence. While the books have fictitious characters, the settings are realistic. Why do we have 70 copies of Assassination Classroom in middle schools?”

Image of “misfits” from the Assassination Classroom novel shooting their teacher.


Another parent’s concerns with the series were struck down by the Hillsborough school board, with the board instead forcing parents to engage in a months-long book challenge process – during which time the book remains accessible to students as young as 11. “This is America, and we do things through a democratic process,” a school board member said in response to criticism, “the [book challenge] form can be picked up at your school.”

Despite the recent massacre at a Christian Nashville school, the board has indicated they will be taking no action on the classroom-shooting book.

Gebhards runs an 890-follower Instagram page where she has called out Hillsborough County Public Schools, particularly its middle school, for many other age-inappropriate books covering topics ranging from drug use to shootings, sexual masochism, and more.

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Parents aren’t the only ones concerned with what their middle school children are reading. Books like Assassination Classroom have also drawn the ire of the Florida state legislature, with Speaker of the Florida House Paul Renner launching an investigation into Hillsborough County Public Schools. Renner said in an interview,

“While the vast majority of reading and educational materials in our school libraries are age-appropriate, some books are so clearly obscene and directed to children that they would be rejected by adult bookstores. Any fair-minded person reviewing these books would agree, and we will not tolerate continued efforts to bypass Florida law.”

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