Shocking Number of Canadians Think Homeless Should Be Offered Euthanasia

According to recent academic literature and polls released recently, Canada has continued doubling down on a disturbing trend of euthanizing people with non-lethal medical conditions.

Initially, the Canadian government introduced a nationwide ‘MAID’ (Medical Assistance in Dying) program primarily aimed at people with terminal diseases who were in immense pain.

As the country has continued to face strains on its socialized medicine system, it has continued to mull broadening the program to people with non-lethal conditions and even considered opening it up to people facing ‘unjust social circumstances.’

One disturbing interview by City News depicted a man with chronic back pain who was recommended to take advantage of the MAID program after he faced homelessness due to housing issues in Canada.

Kayla Wiebe, a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy, and bioethicist Amy Mullin, a professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto, wrote in the Journal of Medical Ethics that people should be able to get assistance in ending their life due to such circumstances.

“One way of responding to these cases is, ‘Well, clearly then, medical aid in dying should not be available to them,'” Mullin told the National Post.

“It’s wrong to remove that right,” she said.

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They further said they do not believe people who decided to end their lives due to ‘unjust social conditions’ are doing so out of coercion.

“We just don’t think the fact that social conditions are contributing to making their lives intolerable means that they don’t have the wherewithal to make that choice,” Mullin said.

A retired Canadian veteran and Paralympian was reportedly offered the option to end her own life in Canada because the government would not install a stairlift in her home, further showing how flippantly the Canadian government is willing to offer citizens the option.

“People can make their own determination about whether their lives are worth living, and we should respect that.” The researchers stated.

They further said it was ‘unacceptable’ to offer state-assisted suicide to impoverished people.

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“To force people who are already in unjust social circumstances to have to wait until those social circumstances improve, or for the possibility of public charity that sometimes but unreliably occurs when particularly distressing cases become public, is unacceptable,” they concluded.

Canadians at large appear to be adjusting to the idea that MAID should be offered to people who do not even have medical conditions that are causing them pain at all.

One poll by Research Co. found that 27 percent of Canadians believe euthanasia should be offered to people facing ‘homelessness.’

Daniel Kooman, a co-producer of the film MAiD, which depicts how the program is being abused, said that it had become an “embarrassment” and “shame” for Canada.

“If other countries are going to fight to prohibit death but Canada is going to allow for it and broaden it, we’re going to be a tourist destination for death. I mean, we’re already announcing that at a federal government level that this could be a tourist destination for death. It’s in the language on the government’s website,” said Kooman.

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