Shock Report: US Giving Billions to China & Russia, Promote ‘Gender Equality’

As Congress considers a fresh wave of appropriations bills that would raise the debt ceiling by another $4 Trillion, Senator Joni Ernst, R-Ia. shed light on wasteful spending policies that have plagued the United States government for years that, include forking out taxpayer dollars to foreign adversaries such as China and Russia.

Ernst went so far as to say that the United States government cannot even keep track of its runaway spending problem in a new report before offering a solution to track and eliminate wasteful spending that is going to foreign adversaries.

Ernst’s report indicates that up to $1.3 billion may be going to countries such as Russia and China.

“Washington’s continued spending is so out of hand, it is losing track of Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars, but I am creating accountability for every penny,” Ernst said in a statement after releasing the report.

Ernst and Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wi. introduced legislation on Wednesday called the Tracking Receipts to Adversarial Countries for the Knowledge of Spending (TRACKS) Act that would ensure US dollars aren’t being used to further the interest of hostile foreign countries and to bring needed transparency and accountability for taxpayer dollars.

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“It is gravely concerning that no one in Washington can actually account for millions sent to Russia and China for pointless projects,” the Iowa Republican continued. “But I have the receipts. I’m shining a light on this reckless spending, so bureaucrats can no longer cover up their tracks, and taxpayers can know exactly what their hard-earned dollars are funding.”

According to Ernst’s analysis, one State Department grant of $58.7 million doled out funds to a Chinese organization, Beijing-based Crossroads Cultural Communication, for ‘gender equality’ by showcasing New Yorker magazine cartoons.  The organization reportedly received $96,875 for the effort.

“To increase awareness on gender equality and women empowerment through an exhibition of works by women cartoonists of the New Yorker Magazine in China,” the 2021 grant description states.

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The report also confirmed suspicions that the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is allegedly responsible for the release of Covid-19 according to the ‘Lab Leak’ theory, received millions of dollars in taxpayer money from multiple US agencies.

Issues highlighted by Ernst may run even deeper, as ‘sub awards’ given to organizations and contracts under the amount of $30,000 do not have to be reported, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that audited grant awards given out by the Department of Health and Human Services.

“For example, the Department of Health and Human Services obligated funding through assistance awards to study infectious diseases, and the Department of State obligated funding through contracts to purchase goods and services for U.S. government operations in China. U.S. award recipients also provided funding through subawards to entities located in China. However, the full extent of these subawards is unknown because of limitations in the completeness and accuracy of subaward data reported in government systems. For example, subaward data may be incomplete because award recipients are required to provide information only for subawards valued at $30,000 or more, in accordance with federal subaward reporting requirements. Limitations in subaward data is a government-wide issue and not unique to U.S. funding to entities in China”

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