Seth Dillon of The Babylon Bee thrills Boca Raton crowd

Seth Dillon’s satirical site Babylon Bee often has trouble with “fact-checkers” and social media sites, but he got a warm welcome in Boca Raton Friday.

Pamela Weinroth’s club, Esther’s Luncheon Ladies of Excellence, hosted Dillon at FAU’s College of Business.

I couldn’t attend, but Weinroth and Bob Rubin of Rubin Wealth Advisors were kind enough to send me their accounts of the event.

Pamela Weinroth
Pamela Weinroth

The presentation occurred in one of the largest classrooms for Executive Education, ranked #1 in Florida and #9 in the U.S. and the Financial Times. Most exciting is FAU COB’s commitment to freedom of speech and expression. These values are protected in both the U.S. and Florida constitutions as legal rights. Still, they are also an integral part of any university’s mission to provide the highest quality academic experience for students, engage in meaningful and productive research, and provide a valuable public service for the benefit of local communities and the state.

The excellent work that Seth Dillon and his team at Babylon Bee is protected free speech.

Seth engaged the audience of over 100 people for 60 minutes and opened the floor to a Q&A session.

Pamela Weinroth

Arlene Herson, Seth Dillon, Pamela Weinroth, and Roxanna Trinka

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Seth Dillon, CEO of Babylon Bee, gave an informative and humorous talk interspacing examples of his satirical posts that, even though they are completely ridiculous and false, they’ve all come true or have been fact-checked. Yes, Snopes, A.P., and even USA Today fact checks the Bee’s satirical posts. They can’t handle the fact that the Bee’s fake news, it’s satire makes such a strong impression.

Bob Rubin

Check out The Babylon Bee and Not The Bee.

The best example was Seth showed us a picture of an industrial- sized washing machine. The caption read “CNN purchased industrial size washing machine to spin news before publication” . Obviously fake. Yet Snopes, feels it has to rate it and rated it false. Of course, it’s false, it’s satire. The left clearly can’t handle us poking fun of their narrative. As Seth stated, “truth is not hate speech. Truth stands on its own”

Bob Rubin

Seth Dillon and Bob Rubin

Seth Dillon enlightened the audience about how satire can help people look at the absurdity of what is happening today. Their humor can accomplish that in an effective and non-threatening way. The Babylon Bee is another tool fighting those waging war on our culture.

Mary Ballard McCarty

Seth Dillon and Sharon DiPietro
Caption Dillon and Debralyn Belletieri
A good crowd paid rapt attention

Seth Dillon’s Bio

“Seth Dillon is an entrepreneur, venture investor, speaker, and humorist. He is currently the CEO of The Babylon Bee, a fast-growing news satire site that has overtaken The Onion in traffic and engagement. Taking on the tone of a traditional news media publication, The Bee satirizes real-world events and public figures.

Recently, Dillon co-founded Not the Bee, a non-satirical news and entertainment site. He presently sits on the board of Parler, a popular free-speech alternative to Twitter and Facebook, and plays an active advisory or investor role in several other media companies, including Dwell, Evie Magazine, Thinkr, and The Flip Side.”

I want to thank everyone who sent me photos and info. I wish I could have been there.

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