School Board candidate Angelique Contreras responds to revoked endorsement

Yesterday, the Palm Beach County PBA withdrew its endorsement of Angelique Contreras, a Palm Beach School Board, District 4 candidate.

Monday, I was sent the following graphic taken from the PBC PBA website.

Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association endorsement for Angelique Contreras

The PBA revoked its endorsement by noon the next day because Contreras used a single word in headlining a video a year ago.

In a Facebook discussion, Contreras was joking around with some friends when someone said people should dump garbage on a county commissioner’s lawn. Contreras said something like, maybe it should be the masks.

Like many local officials, the power-drunk Palm Beach County Commission imposed ridiculous mask mandates, explaining the crack about masks.

PBC Commissioner McKinlay proves government is arrogant and out of control

What happened next was so bizarre and outrageous that I still have trouble believing it happened in the United States of America.

Police officers showed up at Contreras’s door to warn her that trespassing was illegal. In the background, scurrying around like a scared rabbit, was a sitting county commissioner who’s power play had backfired.

Here’s the video from that night.

A brave but shaken Contreras posted the video on YouTube and used a single word in the headline that caused the PBA to revoke its endorsement. Gestapo. Here is the letter from PBC PBA:

Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association endorsement for Angelique Contreras Letter
Click on image for a larger view

Angelique Contreras responds:

Contreras is capable of defending herself. She doesn’t need me to do it for her, but all the elected officials in this county should know something.

I didn’t know Contreras a year ago, but I saw the video of the police at her door. I also saw videos of an out-of-control school board and county commission. I saw a man get arrested at a school board meeting because he switched seats.

Because of those videos, and others like them, I un-retired and decided to keep close tabs on the elected officials of Palm Beach County.

I’ve been a thorn in the side of elected officials the last few months, and they wish I would go away, but I’m not going away, and they have only themselves to blame.

Angelique Contreras used poor judgment in using the word she used to describe police, but Contreras is the one who has been done dirty, and everyone knows it.

Disclosure: I’ve personally donated to the Contreras campaign.

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