Saudi Arabia Airs ‘SNL’ Skit of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, as State Relations Deteriorate

Saudi Arabia’s state-run television network aired an “SNL” style parody of President Joe Biden this week, as U.S.-Saudi relations continue to take a nosedive. The show “Studio 22” mocked the 80-year-old president’s forgetfulness and occasional difficulty with stairs, with the comedy sketch garnering over two million views on Twitter.

In a short clip shared by Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson, the actor playing Biden can be seen wrapping up an address before wandering around the stage. The actor then forgets where he is and tries to shake hands with the air, mimicking a bizarre Biden moment at a North Carolina university in 2022.

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In another scene, Kamala Harris–portrayed by a man in drag–watches on in horror as the president repeatedly slips and falls as he tries to climb the steps to Air Force One. Biden, the oldest president ever inaugurated, is known to struggle with the Air Force One steps sometimes, having stumbled on his way home from Poland in February and again in Alabama this month.

“Saudi Arabia TV SAVAGES Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “This is better than SNL. The Democrat party has become the absolute laughing stock of the world.”

The original uncut clip, shared by Saudi broadcaster MBC1, has been viewed over two million times. In an additional scene in the full cut, Biden sits across from Vladimir Putin at a negotiating table. The discussion quickly devolves, however, as the two world leaders start recklessly mashing red buttons, triggering a nuclear exchange.

Commentators noted that this is not the first time America’s octogenarian president has been lampooned by Saudi state media. In April 2022, the network aired another parody featuring the same actors. That clip, viewed over 8 million times on Twitter, featured another mock address from a hapless President Biden. “For the first time [I] see the Saudi T.V. mocking the U.S. administration,” journalist Asaad Sam Hanna remarked on Twitter at the time.

In the clip, Biden is wandering aimlessly before falling asleep by the podium and being dragged off stage by an exasperated Kamala Harris.


“For the second year, The Saudi T.V. making fun of Biden and [Harris],” Sam Hanna tweeted about the new viral clip.

“Saudi used to be the bigges[t] ally to the United state, they were never treating the US like that. PS: MBC is one of the most watched TV channels in the Arab world.”

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While the Saudi comedy sketches have found broad appreciation from American audiences, others view them as an indicator of deteriorating U.S.-Saudi relations.

Biden was highly critical of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman during his 2020 campaign after intelligence officials held the Saudi ruler responsible for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. In September 2021, Biden pledged to turn Saudi Arabia into a “pariah state” but ultimately did not follow through on his promise to sanction the country.

The rift has since grown between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, with the kingdom refusing to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

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