Salt Life Co-Founder Sentenced to 12 Years for Killing His 18-Year-Old Girlfriend

Michael Troy Hutto, 56, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for shooting and killing his 18-year-old girlfriend, Lora Grace Duncan, in a hotel room in Riviera Beach, Florida.

Hutto, one of the Co-founders of the famous Salt Life clothing line, initially pled innocent but changed his plea to guilty to a charge of manslaughter with a firearm.

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According to the Arrest Affidavit, on October 29th, 2020, at 10:50 am, officers with the Riviera beach Police department responded to the Hilton Hotel at 3700 North Ocean Boulevard about a welfare check on Lora Grace Duncan. The check was requested by Duncan’s father, who stated he had not been able to contact his daughter for over 48 hours. Mr. Duncan said his daughter was with her boyfriend, Michael Troy Hutto.

According to Duncan, he believes Hutto is keeping his daughter on drugs to keep her sedated. Mr. Duncan said he last spoke to his daughter on Sunday at 8:00 am. He stated that Lora sounded out of character and possibly on drugs. Mr. Duncan was able to track down his daughter’s location at the Hilton hotel from her cell phone.

Hilton staff assisted with opening the door. The smell of decomposition was coming from the room. Upon entering room #733, police discovered a female’s body on the bathroom floor. The body was covered in blood, and there were live rounds of ammunition on the floor.

Michael Troy Hutto

The medical examiner responded and observed one gunshot wound to the stomach.

The room was rented in the name of Michael Hutto.

Hutto’s belongings, including a cell phone with an attached wallet case and Hutto’s ID card, were in the room.

A nationwide BOLO was put out for Hutto and his green 2020 Dodge Hellcat by Riviera Beach Police.


Riviera beach police were notified that Hutto was at the Baptist hospital in St. Augustine after having a drug overdose. His vehicle was left at a gas station when he was transported.

St. Johns County Sheriff’s office then had Hutto’s vehicle towed to a secured facility pending a search warrant.

Investigators responded to the hospital where Hutto was being treated.

Post Miranda, Hutto was asked if he knew why investigators wanted to talk to him. He stated, “Yes,” Moments later, Hutto said, “Oh My God, I think I hurt my Gracie.” When asked other questions, Hutto did not want to talk anymore.

Investigators returned to the hospital the next day and asked Hutto what had happened in the room.

Hutto stated they were playing a game pretending to shoot with a finger and a gun. Hutto pulled a handgun out of his black Adidas bag and pointed it at Lora, who was sitting on the bathroom counter, and it went off.

When asked where the gun was now, Hutto stated it was in the bag in the trunk of his Hellcat.

Based on the statement, Hutto was charged with manslaughter with a firearm.

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He will receive 79 days credit for time served.

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