Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-a Lesson in Adversity, Not Woke Diversity

We all know the delightful Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It started as a book and then developed into the 1964 popular television special many adults and children enjoy each year.

I watched it for the first time in years. Maybe I’ve been affected by the woke media more than I care to admit, but there’s no way Rudolph would be green-lighted to air as a children’s special nowadays.

The basic story of Rudolph is that Donner, Santa’s lead alpha reindeer, has baby Rudolph, who turns out to have a horrible reindeer defect. Instead of a typical little black reindeer nose, like all the others, he has a big, honking red shiny nose that glows.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer, proudly shows off what his community sees as a physical impairment. ©Videocraft International, Ltd.

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Santa, a dictator who lives in a castle and lords over a factory run by what I’m assuming, based on their identical appearance, are inbred elves, tells Donner that he’s having none of this and that something has to be done. Donner decides to cover Rudolph’s nose with a black prosthetic so that he can look like the other reindeer. Let’s face it. Every kid and many adults want to fit in, so Rudolph’s shunning is quite upsetting.

Rudolph gets along well with the others and meets a lovely girl reindeer during the group’s first flying lessons. When the girl tells Rudolph he’s cute, Rudolph gets excited and gets what I’m assuming is a reindeer woody, and his fake nose pops off.

Rudolph, with his girlfriend, is the only decent “person” in this special. ©Videocraft International, Ltd.

The other reindeer make fun of him. They viciously tease him about his big schnoz in what would be considered an antisemitic attack if it happened to a Jewish kid in school. They all laugh at him, and in a shocking twist, the adults turn out to be worse than the kids. Do they stop the bullying? No. Santa tells Donner he should be “ashamed” of himself. I’m guessing the shame is supposed to be for Donner daring to help his kid “pass,” which was still a big thing when Rudolph originated. The coach and his peers won’t let him participate in any reindeer games. The girl reindeer is at least kind and friendly, giving children viewing this horror movie a sense that there are some good people in this world.

Peers and adults are bullying Rudolph. ©Videocraft International, Ltd.

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Rudolph runs away and goes to the island of misfit toys, a sad island home to a group of outcasts, including a psychotic elf who wants to be a dentist. Rudolph grows up, becomes big and strong, and it turns out he has a much need skill that “normal” reindeer don’t have. Because his nose lights up, he can light up the sky in lousy weather.

Now that Santa can use Rudolph, he makes him the pack’s leader to guide the sleigh. All the other reindeer accept him, and all is good in the world of Rudolph.

Rudolph leads the sleigh, utilizing a skill he has that others don’t possess. ©Videocraft International, Ltd.

The story of Rudolph is a brutal but essential life lesson if you accept it as life’s reality and you don’t give in to the woke mob’s idea of how life is supposed to be and how people are supposed to act. These days, people would have you believe that Rudolph is a lesson in diversity and that people should be celebrated for their differences, which is all well and good. Still, I think Rudolph is a lesson about dealing with adversity. Some people have advantages, and others don’t. For some people, things come easily, and they don’t have to do that much, but others have to try harder. That’s what happened to Rudolph, he had to try harder to make it, and he did.

The main takeaway from Rudolph is that you can succeed if you work hard and keep going. Look inward for strength, and don’t let others tell you who you are. The underdog can win.

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Above all, Merry Joltmas!

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