Ron & Casey DeSantis Talk Border Crisis, Nikki Haley in New Interview

Ahead of a ‘Mamas for DeSantis’ campaign event in Iowa Friday, Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey appeared in a new interview, with the Governor reaffirming his commitment to secure the southern border and the Florida First Lady weighing in on her husband’s feud with primary opponent Nikki Haley.

In an interview with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum, DeSantis repeated his vow to declare a national emergency at the Mexico border and promised to use the military to secure it if elected President.

“I am going to declare a national emergency. I’m not going to send troops to Ukraine, but I am going to send them to our southern border when these drug pushers are bringing fentanyl across… That’s going to be the last thing they do,” DeSantis said on ‘The Story,’ before pledging to leave violent offenders “stone-cold dead.”

“We will engage appropriately, but just the fact that you’re able to engage — that is going to have a massive deterrence effect because these people are not going to want to go in there and run into a buzzsaw.”

“The cartels have been eating our lunch for years and years, and they’re poisoning tens of thousands of our fellow citizens,” he continued.

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During Wednesday’s fourth GOP primary debate, DeSantis dedicated a substantial portion of his speaking time to the southern border crisis. He talked about the flood of fentanyl in the country, referring to one case where residue from the drug on the floor of an Airbnb rental resulted in a baby being killed.

“Is this acceptable in this country? I know the elites in D.C., they don’t care. They don’t care that fentanyl is ravaging your community. They don’t care that illegal aliens are ravaging our community and overwhelming our community,” DeSantis said. “The commander-in-chief not only has a right, you have a responsibility to fight back against these people. And it means you’re going to categorize them as foreign terrorist organizations.”

DeSantis also repeated his call to construct a wall at the border, echoing the policy of former President Donald Trump.

“Here’s the thing: If we had a wall across the southern border, which I support, this would not have happened. We need to build a wall across the southern border. I’ll get it done,”

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During their Florida First Family’s appearance on Fox News Friday, Casey DeSantis also weighed in on her husband’s battle with former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley in the GOP primary.

“I think what you saw in the debate performance is she is not somebody who stands up for the rights of parents and the innocence of our children,” Casey DeSantis said, referencing Haley’s laid-back approach to transgender issues. The First Lady drew a contrast between Haley and her husband, saying that DeSantis would “stand strong against” gender surgery-related legislation, according to Fox News.

During the debate Wednesday, DeSantis hammered Haley for shooting down a proposal as South Carolina Governor that would have restricted bathroom use to biological sex. Haley downplayed the criticism, however, saying, “Maybe a handful of kids that were dealing with an issue, and I said, ‘We don’t need to bring government into this.'”

“Now, 10 years later, we see that this issue has exploded, and this shows how hypocritical Ron continues to be. When he was running for governor and they asked him about that, he said he didn’t think bathroom bills were a good use of his time,” Haley continued.

DeSantis shot back, however, telling Haley, “I signed a bathroom bill in Florida, so that’s obviously not true.”

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