Rick Scott Urges Governors to Return Unused COVID Cash, Bashes Democrat Recklessness

Congress threw away billions of tax dollars in the 2021 COVID bailouts. Now, Senator Rick Scott wants that money returned.
In a statement issued last week, Scott called on America’s governors and mayors to return their unused COVID relief funds. He also criticized the wastefulness of the funds and the lack of oversight on how they were spent.

“Despite mountains of data showing state and local governments did not need a wasteful $350 billion bailout from the federal government, Democrats did what they always do: recklessly threw billions of taxpayer dollars into the air with no accountability. These funds were not targeted nor did they help families in need. Instead, many state and local governments are now swimming in extra cash, with some using funding intended for ‘COVID relief’ as a slush fund for their completely unrelated pet projects.”

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Senator Rick Scott’s statement

In 2021, President Joe Biden argued that the $350 billion plan was necessary for state and local governments to handle the pandemic. Speaking through an N95 mask, Biden stated during an Oval Office press briefing that “the federal government has a major role to play here.” Two years later, many of those governments are sitting on billion-dollar surpluses, spending it in ways they could never have justified to their state’s taxpayers.

Over $80 million has been spent on tourism campaigns in Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., Arizona, and Virginia. The renovations to the tourism website for Alexandria, VA, cost $120,000 alone.

Colorado spent over $6.6 million improving their golf courses.

New York allocated $12 million for a minor-league baseball stadium.

New Jersey added $15 million to their bid to host the 2026 World Cup.

A county in Iowa purchased a Ski Resort for $2 million

Honolulu, HI, bought a $150,000 robot dog to monitor homeless people.

The list goes on and on.

Scott has previously been outspoken about wasteful COVID relief spending, issuing a similar statement in March 2021. This time he is making a slightly different offer. Last December, Congress signed a new process for recovering unused relief funds into law. The process, which Scott authored, allows mayors and governors to return unused COVID relief stimulus to reduce the nation’s deficit.

“Finally state and local governments can take the fiscally prudent steps toward reducing America’s $31.5 TRILLION national debt.”

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On January 19, the United States hit its debt ceiling of $31.4 trillion. Scott recently issued another statement demanding that “any action on the debt ceiling be accompanied by significant, structural spending reform.”

Rick Scott Blasts Biden’s ‘Reckless Spending’ As Debt Ceiling Crisis Looms 

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