Return of the King: O’Keefe Media Group Exposes Democrat Money Laundering Scheme

Investigative journalist James O’Keefe broke his first significant investigation since leaving Project Veritas on Tuesday night on O’Keefe Media Group, exposing a Democrat money laundering scheme in US elections.

The story began with O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) releasing a teaser for an upcoming revelatory video. At the end of the video, a woman said, “I wish I could have donated 18,000 dollars to Bidens Presidency”, teasing to contents of the upcoming story.


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The next day the story broke. O’Keefe’s narration discusses how some elderly citizens in Maryland were logged as making thousands of donations towards Democrats per year, totaling over 200,000 dollars donated for some individuals. This sparked OMG’s interest, leading to questions if the citizens were knowing participants or victims.

O’Keefe himself knocked on doors to get to the bottom of the matter, with nearly all individuals denying they made the donations that FEC data indicates, either in amount or frequency. One individual was not responsive and asked O’Keefe to attack Trump.

BREAKING: O’Keefe Media Group Uncovers Potential MASSIVE Money Laundering into Political Campaigns #FollowTheMoney

O’Keefe reposted the video, with his caption breaking down the results.

“Let’s recap: Through publicly available records, it was discovered that Maryland voters had excessive donations made in their names. We confirmed that they did NOT make these high volume contributions. There are other senior citizens throughout the county matching this profile who may be additional victims of this scheme. Citizen journalists should visit this website to find data in their region….”

O’Keefe then called for volunteers to help uncover more examples of the scheme.


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Some have taken O’Keefe up on the proposal, with OMG posting similar interviews not conducted by O’Keefe himself of citizens denying having made the donations under their name.


Elder abuse? Does @actbluehave any comment? #FollowTheMoney

Another group of citizen journalists, Election Watch, has filed a lawsuit over the scheme, but similar data indicates that this may also be happening across the country.

Then, on the heels of the revelation, top Maryland Election Administrator in Maryland Linda Lamone agreed to resign in a recorded phone call posted by OMG. When asked to comment about the donation story, Lamone claimed to “not know anything about that” and immediately hung up.

However, shortly after, on a Maryland State Board of Elections zoom call, Lamone announced her resignation. One person on the call noted that the position Lamone was in “never existed without Linda in it.” and that it was “created in the 1998 rewrite of the election law article.” Lamone plans to resign officially over the summer.

“Just a day after declining to comment on our story uncovering political contribution irregularities The top Election Administrator in Maryland has announced a timeline for her resignation. Will she give us any more answers before she formally steps down in September?”

How deep, or how high,  the story goes is unknown, but it’s a safe bet that OMG will continue looking into it.


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