‘Retribution Presidency’ – James Comey Scared of Payback, Rips Trump, Shills for Biden

Former Obama FBI Director James Comey has used a recent interview as a platform to attack Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign and rally support around President Biden. Comey was particularly concerned about what he called a “retribution” presidency that would see the former president’s political adversaries prosecuted.

Speaking to former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC, Comey proudly announced his intent to vote for Joe Biden, claiming, “It has to be Joe Biden… The president must be someone who abides by the law and our constitution. And there is no one else but Joe Biden.”

Ironically, Comey is disliked by both Republicans and Democrats for his reckless disregard of the law during his time as FBI director, which ultimately led to his firing.

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Comey gained national notoriety after he was caught leaking sensitive FBI and Department of Justice documents to the media, which would lead to his dismissal by President Trump in early 2017. Many of the leaked documents would be the basis for the Russia hoax and Mueller Report that destabilized the Trump administration in its early years and led to Trump’s first impeachment trial. Despite being found to have violated several Department of Justice and FBI policies, officials declined to prosecute him.

Comey would use the MSNBC interview to re-assert the existence of disproven ties between the Trump White House and Vladimir Putin.

“Vladimir Putin does not want Joe Biden to be president of the United States…He would very much like Donald Trump to be president again.” ~James Comey to Jen Psaki on MSNBC

Comey, whose legally ambiguous behavior would lead to the political prosecution of the 45th president, also alleged that he would be a victim of Trump’s “retribution presidency.”

“Think about what four years of a retribution presidency might look like. [Trump] could order the investigation and prosecution of individuals who he sees as enemies… I’m sure I’m on the enemies list.”

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In a separate interview, the former FBI director also dismissed the damning politically-motivated conduct of his FBI that was exposed in the Durham report, saying that “there’s nothing new in that report about the FBI… [the Durham Report is] an enormous waste of time and taxpayer money to give us a nothing-burger.” Comey has not had any harsh words for the same 30-million-dollar “nothing-burger” Mueller investigation that tore the country apart with no tangible results.

Republicans were quick to call out Comey’s hypocrisy. One Twitter user commented on the lack of disciplinary action against Comey or other FBI officials.

“Sometimes I wonder if he went to sleep and lead one life and woke up and now leading another… That allows him to forget about the harm done, the irreparable and enormous harm they have done to our country.. this is because there are no repercussions for his action or any of his comrades, all working to undermine an elected president…… In the meantime, J6rs rot…” ~@boomerbayb on Twitter

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