Republicans, Until Election Day at 7 PM, Work Like Lyndon Johnson

Polls everywhere show a massive red wave, but Republicans shouldn’t pay any attention to the polling, go out and work harder for the Republican ticket than you ever have. A clichéd saying in politics that I use with candidates is to “always run like you’re ten points behind.” Never get comfortable or overconfident before an election.

I’ve managed or consulted for campaigns from 1992 to around 2010, and if you worked with me on any of those campaigns, you might remember the email I always sent out the final week before election day.

In every campaign I’ve been involved with since 1992, I’ve read and re-read the chapter detailing the account of Lyndon Johnson’s first campaign as told by biographer Robert Caro in ‘The Path to Power.” The account of Johnson’s first campaign, which he won against incredible odds, has never failed to strengthen my resolve and steel me to make that final intense drive to Election Day.

I’ve excerpted three short passages from that chapter in the enclosed pdf files, and I hope you will do me a favor by reading them.
There is only one way to campaign, especially in the final week, and that’s to do everything. Leave no stone unturned.

To paraphrase Lyndon Johnson- If you do absolutely everything, you will win.

~Jack Furnari

Democrat Andy Thomson’s Radical Friends and His Constant Lies

Johnson was not a good president or a good man, and many of the problems that haunt us today began under the Johnson Administration. But I’m talking about the real-life winning of elections, not ideology or goodness. I can’t stand Obama, but as a professional, I was stunned by the strategic and tactical brilliance of his 2008 campaign, and there’s no way to read detailed accounts of Johnson’s campaigns and not feel the same way.

Here are the PDFs I always sent out. Page one.

Page Two

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Robert Caro is the best political biographer of my generation, and his series of books on Johnson are masterpieces that should be required reading for anyone seriously interested in politics.

I’ve worked pretty hard on campaigns, some harder than others, but I’ve never worked as hard as Caro describes Johnson working. But working as hard as Johnson has always been a political ideal of mine, something to shoot for, even if I’ve never reached it. My goal has always been to win by outthinking, outfighting, and outworking the other side. To do the best I’m capable of doing.

“Vote like your freedom depends on it, because it does.” ~Christina Pushaw

The point of all this is to ask my brother and sister Republicans not to get overconfident. To make one more phone call, knock on one more door, and do everything they’re capable of doing between now and Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 7 PM.

Together, let’s demolish the Democrats.


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