Republican Nancy Mace Calls Matt Gaetz a ‘Fraud’ on Face the Nation

While the few Republicans who attempted to block Representative Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca. may have curried favor with elements of the Republican grassroots, it’s become increasingly clear that they may have damaged their reputation with their colleagues in the House.

Representative Nancy Mace, R-Sc. who has become a more moderate Republican in the House, said that she would have a “difficult” time working with Gaetz and other Representatives such as Representative George Santos, R-Ny.

Mace went further, calling Gaetz a ‘D-Lister’ and a ‘fraud’ in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation.

Mace also said that she was considering voting against the rules package that McCarthy promised holdouts to secure their votes. If more than four Republicans voted against it, it could cause more drama in the House and diminish the gains that Republicans such as Gaetz received by withholding their votes.

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Mace emphasized her need to represent centrists in her district.

“Every time he voted against Kevin McCarthy last week, he sent out a fund-raising email. What you saw last week was a constitutional process diminished by those kinds of political actions. I don’t support that kind of behavior. I am very concerned as someone who represents a lot of centrists and a lot of independents; I have as many centrists and independents in my district as Republicans. I have to represent everyone. I’m concerned common-sense legislation will not get through to get a vote on the floor.” Mace said.

In one fundraising text that was sent out to Gaetz’s supporters, he said that McCarthy planned to wage an ‘endless war’ against him and that he was ‘owned by lobbyists’ and had ‘sold himself to the swamp.’

Gaetz fundraising text
Gaetz fundraising text


Mace also gave her opinion on Santos, an incoming Representative who has been accused of embellishing his background regarding his ancestry, education, employment, charity work, property ownership, and crimes he claimed to be the victim.

Mace said of Santos that it is “very difficult to work with anyone who cannot be trusted.”

Mace is not the lone Republican who has reservations about the House rules package and who has either weighed not voting for it or already committed to voting against it.

Representative Tony Gonzales, R-Tx. said two days ago, on the same day that McCarthy was elected speaker, that he would vote against the rules package negotiated between McCarthy and hardliner Republicans such as Gaetz.

“I am a NO on the house rules package. Welcome to the 118th Congress.” He said.

The rules package is set to be voted on this Monday when the House convenes for the first time with McCarthy as Speaker.

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