Report: ‘Most’ Democrats Want to ‘Flee’ Florida, Republicans Celebrate

A new report says that “most” left-wing parents in Florida are considering moving out of the state over its Parental Rights in Education law, and Republicans are daring them to do it. Despite the majority of Floridians backing the law, it has spawned a vocal minority of lefty critics in the Sunshine State, who are apparently willing to uproot their families to keep sex and gender ideology in their child’s classroom.

A recent survey by the Williams Institute looked at how Florida parents have responded to the law, with study author Abbie Goldberg sharing some of her findings with the Washington Examiner.

“53% of Democrat respondents had indicated that they had considered leaving the state, along with 40% of independents and 15% of Republicans. In contrast, 80% of Republicans said they have not considered leaving the state, along with 33% of Democrats and 40% of independents.” ~ Williams Institute survey reported by Washington Examiner.

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Goldberg, who refers to the law by its liberal-concocted “Don’t Say Gay” moniker, told the outlet that it was “important to understand the diverse viewpoints Florida parents have.”

Republicans, however, had less sympathy for those considering a move, with Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler telling the Examiner that Florida is probably “not the best fit” for parents who support the sexualization of Kindergarteners.

“Over 60% of voters support the actual language in the law, including 55% of Democrats. With that said, if a Democrat Voter is passionate and perverted enough to support the sexualization of kids during school in grades as early as Kindergarten, then I would agree that Florida is probably not the best fit for them.” ~ Christian Ziegler to the Washington Examiner

After the outlet posted its report to Twitter, the story received a similar reception, with commenters encouraging the lefty parents to take a hike.

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“So Democrats want to leave our state because we don’t want gender theory and sexuality discussed with 6-year-olds. Lord have mercy, ya’ll,” commented one Florida dad.

“Parents are going to leave because their teachers can’t talk to their kids about pansexualism?” another commenter asked.

“We know this isn’t true but it would be great if the folks that demand porn in grammar schools would leave.” ~ Dave [@dmacmd]

“Normalize passing laws that get entire democrat voting families to leave your state,” said President of the American Principles Project Terry Schilling.

“Red states need to pass more laws to force the Communists to leave. Pass them at every level of government. Start locally.” ~ filius libertate [@jasoncharles83]

Another commenter was more helpful, providing a map for Florida’s leftists to reference when they leave the Sunshine State.

Marc Caputo of The Messenger called the poll’s validity into question, pointing out its left-leaning slant and small sample size.

“If I’m I reading this study right, it only polled 106 Florida parents and the sample was far more Democratic, more non-Hispanic white, and more college educated than Florida’s overall population Are FL parents that different from the overall population? Or is this shoddy work?”

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