Rep. Steube, Team DeSantis Clash Over Call For Out-of-State Iowa Support

A Florida Congressman ignited a feud on social media Saturday after criticizing Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis’s call for out-of-state voters to support her husband at the Iowa Caucuses.

During a Fox News appearance Friday, Casey DeSantis urged “moms and grandmoms” around the country to travel to the Hawkeye State and be “part of the caucus.” Her comments appeared to prompt clarification from the Iowa GOP, which wrote in a statement that only “legal residents” could vote in the January caucuses. The Florida First Lady later clarified her remarks, saying that  “there is a way for others to participate” by volunteering rather than voting. However, DeSantis’s remarks were met with swift condemnation by the Trump 2024 campaign and its supporters.

On Saturday, Rep. Greg Steube (R) published a statement criticizing Casey DeSantis.

“Last night a Presidential candidate’s spouse encouraged out of state residents to participate in the Iowa caucus. The Iowa GOP responded making it very clear that the Iowa caucus is ONLY for Iowans,” he said in a post on the social media platform X. “Posting this so residents of #FL17 and Florida aren’t confused by her comments!”

The Sarasota Republican Congressman previously endorsed Donald Trump for President in April.

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The DeSantis campaign was quick to respond, however, accusing Steube of hypocrisy and pointing out that he had traveled to Iowa in August to campaign for Trump.

“Oh, give me a break. Congressman Steube — YOU know that anyone can participate in the Iowa caucus as a volunteer if you want to help a campaign,” said DeSantis rapid response director Christina Pushaw. “In fact, you already went to Iowa to campaign for Trump.”

Pushaw cited a report published last summer by ‘The Hill’ in her response.

DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern also criticized Steube’s comments, writing that,

“The amount of lying it takes to climb the ladder on Team Trump is gross. I don’t understand how grown men can debase themselves like this for one man.”

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On Friday, Casey DeSantis appeared on Fox News alongside her husband, and called on supporters of his campaign to travel to Iowa next month to volunteer.

“We’re asking all of these moms and grandmoms to come from wherever it might be, North Carolina, South Carolina and to descend upon the state of Iowa to be a part of the caucus, because you do not have to be a resident of Iowa to be able to participate in the caucus,” she said. “So, moms and grandmas are going to be able to come and be a part and let their voice be heard in support of Ron DeSantis,”

She later clarified in a follow-up statement,

“While voting in the Iowa caucus is limited to registered voters in Iowa, there is a way for others to participate. I’m calling on mamas and grandmamas from all over the country to come volunteer in support of Ron DeSantis in the Iowa caucus,”

A link to Casey DeSantis’s clarification was also included underneath Steube’s X post as a “community note.”

Despite the Florida First Lady’s explanation, the Trump campaign quickly slammed her for the remarks,

“We demand the Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds clarify what the rules are and that the instructions given by the DeSantises are flagrantly wrong that could further disenfranchise caucus-goers,” the Trump campaign said. “Even the Republican Party of Iowa had to immediately issue a response to the DeSantises wrong information,”

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