Rep. Schiff Saved from Censure by ‘RINO’ GOP House Members

20 “RINO,” or “Republican in Name Only,” GOP members saved Democratic Representative Adam Schiff from congressional censure and a potential 16 million-dollar fine. The 20 Republicans joined their Democratic counterparts in “tabling” the motion – effectively killing it for now.

The censure was part of a GOP effort to hold Schiff accountable for his use of “circumstantial” evidence and telling of multiple lies to pedal the Russia Hoax and attack then-President Trump, which Republicans say divided the country and cost Congress more than 30 million dollars via the Mueller investigation.

Outraged conservatives were quick to assemble a list of the representatives.

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The 20 Republicans have experienced massive backlash from pundits and onlookers. Conservative activist and Turning Point USA founder Charlier Kirk slammed the ineffectiveness of the GOP, saying that “Democrats play for keep. Republicans don’t even play.”

“Donald Trump is facing 100 years in prison for a paperwork dispute. Meanwhile, House Republicans can’t even manage to censure Adam Schiff for lying and deliberately leaking secret information to frame a sitting president and nullify a democratic election. Democrats play for keeps. Republicans don’t even play.” ~Charlie Kirk on Twitter

Prominent conservative congressman Thomas Massie, seen as one of the most influential and promising members of the Republican party, joined 19 other Republicans in defending Adam Schiff. The Kentucky Republican received a particularly harsh response from supporters.

Saying, “Fortunately, it failed,” Massie defended his decision on Twitter through a series of statements.

Massie’s claim that it would set a dangerous “precedent” was attacked relentlessly by conservatives, who pointed out that, were it Massie’s head on the chopping block, nobody would save him.

“I understand you felt the fine was unconstitutional. But you should understand what we see – had this been an effort by the Dems to censure and fine you (or any other Republican), they would have unanimously supported it. The Republicans lose, because we always rise above what the Dems would do.” ~@smdowner on Twitter

Others pointed out that Massie never explained how fining a member of Congress is “unconstitutional,” which Massie and his collaborators used as the primary defense.

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The recent defense of Schiff is another entry into a series of House GOP failures that have left the base furious. Last week, House Speaker McCarthy reached a deal with President Biden to avoid a debt default, achieving virtually no wins for Republicans and, despite having massive leverage, simply dulling the Democrat’s budgetary victory.

The seemingly constant failures have left the long-disenfranchised Republican base furious.

“Tom, we have yet to see the fruits of any GOP efforts to curb corruption, spending, governmental overreach and abuse and the really big one – stopping a corrupt President.” ~@Vento_Const on Twitter

Massie has said he’s more open to a censure measure that doesn’t include a 16 million dollar fine, which congressional Republicans are already working on bringing forward.

Though saved for now, Schiff isn’t entirely off the hook. Florida Representative Anna Paulina announced on Twitter that a new censure motion is being sent to the House Committee on Ethics.

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