Rep. Rick Roth to Rally Working People With Megaphone at County Commission

Florida Rep. Rick Roth, R-Loxahatchee, will lead hundreds of residents and truckers in a rally demanding that petty zoning bureaucrats in Palm Beach County give working people a break in these stressful economic times.

Truckers, landscapers, and other blue-collar businesses are constantly being ticketed and harassed for parking their work vehicles at their homes. Loxahatchee Groves and the Acreage have long been where people want as little to do with government as possible.

What works on the island of Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, or Boca Raton is not what works out in Lox Groves or the Acreage, and the county has left the residents alone for decades.

Not anymore, though.

Rep. Rick Roth to Rally Working People With Megaphone at County Commission

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Many people in Palm Beach County are being severely affected by unfair code enforcement actions to the point where some people are at risk of losing their homes. We’re having a public rally to demand an enforcement moratorium on violations until the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners can review and address the problem. ~Rick Roth

Roth will be out on the street with a bullhorn looking to protect his constituents from the Palm Beach County bureaucratic zealots on December 19.

Rep. Rick Roth to Rally Working People With Megaphone at County Commission


In the Free State of Florida, it’s Republicans who help the working people.

Rick Roth Rally Flyer

Laws for thee but not for me

Interestingly enough, the rules for political signage and cleaning up the mess you made don’t seem to apply to the Palm Beach County School Board and their minions at

After ramming through more taxes in a referendum in November, The School District and their vendor, Cornerstone Solutions, haven’t even bothered to remove their signs.

We’re accustomed to a lawless school board in Palm Beach County, but one has to wonder why the code enforcement zealots have let these signs stay up.

Actually, no wondering is necessary. Bureaucratic swamps protect each other, not the people.

Wellington Elementary


Call and email the Palm Beach County School Board here and tell them to come and get their signs

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