Rep. Nancy Mace Spares No One in Hilarious Epic Washington Press Club Roast [VIDEO]

Representative Nancy Mace, R-SC. took no prisoners in a raucous roast at Wednesday’s 77th annual Washington Press Club dinner.

She was the sole Republican speaker at the event that featured Senator Raphael Warnock, D-Ga. and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-Ny, but was not afraid to make a splash.

The representative from South Carolina didn’t spare either party or members of the media who composed most of her audience.

She began by going after both House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Ca. and former President Donald Trump both in the same joke.

“Did you watch McCarthy during the speaker’s vote? I know many of you were in halls of Congress during that vote. I haven’t seen someone assume that many positions to appease the crazy Republicans since Stormy Daniels. It only goes downhill from here, people.” She said, before laying in to Representative Matt Gaetz, R-Fl.

“I mean, come on! But let’s be honest. We all knew that Matt Gaetz would never let the vote get to 18.”

Mace then introduced herself to the audience, implying that China was watching the event.

“Hello, my fellow Republicans. My fellow Americans. And hello, China. Good evening.”

Then, she took a shot at House Republican colleague Lauren Boebert, R-Co.

“My name is Nancy Mace. That’s mace. Like the pepper spray. Unless your name is Lauren Boebert. And then it’s pepper spray, a knife, a Glock, two hand grenades, and a missile.” She continued.

The Congresswoman made another joke at Boebert’s expense before roasting Representative George Santos, R-Ny. who has taken flak for being dishonest about his past.

“I know George Santos hoped to deliver tonight’s keynote, but organizers, our lovely, beautiful organizers, wanted someone who could tell a joke but not actually be one.” She began, before again taking a shot at Trump as well as Santos.

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“Like who lies about being about playing college volleyball? Who does that? If you’re gonna lie, at least make it about something big. Like you actually won the 2020 presidential election.” Santos has reportedly lied about big and small things in his life, including being a college volleyball star and a victim of a mugging.

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“George Santos is such an abortion. Herschel Walker sent him a get well card.” Mace said.

While she was harsh on her Republican colleagues, she was not afraid to go after the press and Congressional Democrats as well.

“So all The New York Times reporters. Good evening. And to everybody from The Washington Post. Good luck on your job search.” Mace said to audible groans from the audience of reporters.

She did not stop there, hitting out at the media for covering up the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“If everyone from the media is here, who’s back at your office covering up the Hunter Biden laptop story?”

She then touched on the hot-button issue of Representative Ilhan Omar, D-Mn. being removed from her committee assignment.

“I tried looking for Ilhan Omar in the audience, too, tonight, but it looks like she lost her seat.” She said.

Mace called members of the ‘Squad’ who protested Omar’s removal from the Foreign Affairs Committee ‘drama queens’ last week.

In one of the most shocking moments of her speech, Rep. Mace concluded by saying that if you get Republicans together, they can be a ‘real riot’, referencing the unrest at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.

“In closing, with all the media in the room tonight, I want you to know I take nothing you write about me seriously or personally. I used to work at a Waffle House, and whatever you dish out, I’ve dished out far, far worse. And I know everyone thinks Republicans aren’t funny, but if you get a bunch of us together, we can be a real riot.”

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