Rep. Lauren Boebert to Take on Climate Alarmists at Orlando Conference

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO, will visit Orlando next month as a keynote speaker for the 15th International Conference on Climate Change. The conference, organized by the Heartland Institute, is scheduled to be held from Feb. 23-25. According to the group’s website, the conference aims to,

“bring together the world’s best experts to analyze the latest climate science and the wrong-headed energy and policy solutions the world’s governments are determined to impose on us all.”

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Since taking office, Boebert has been a fierce critic of climate alarmism. As a freshman representative, she sponsored legislation to block U.S. re-entry to the Paris Climate Accords. She opposed Green New Deal-style policies, believing them to be a federal overreach. She once quipped during a rally,

“Climate change is real. It happens four times every year.”

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-CO

Boebert has also been outspoken about the economic costs of green energy policy. In her district, 2,000 coal miners, railroaders, and power plant workers are expected to lose their jobs in the transition to renewables.

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Boebert’s inclusion as a keynote speaker positions the Heartland Institute’s conference as a direct counterpoint to the summits of the World Economic Forum. While the WEF convenes in Davos this week to stoke fears of mass extinction and promote globalist agenda items, Heartland will provide a forum for policymakers to start undoing the damage done to the U.S. energy sector.

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“From the green energy boondoggles in the so-called ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ in the United States to the ongoing wind-power disaster in Germany, and threats of energy cuts in the winter in the U.K., the climate policy “solutions” are a real and growing problem for the people of the world,” the group wrote in a statement Wednesday.

“Why are we making life poorer and more miserable for most of the people on the planet when there is no climate crisis?”

Boebert is scheduled to speak on Feb. 24 at 1:00 pm at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista.

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